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21 North Korea facts that astonish everyone
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21 North Korea Facts That Astonish Everyone

North Korea facts

All nations across the world have their own laws and legislations. In a few nations, North Korea included, these laws and legislations are more typical than others. Some North Korea facts astonish everyone.

Wondering why?

If a North Korean citizen watches foreign movies or listens to foreign music, he/she may be sent to jail. Similarly, North Korean citizens are not permitted to make international calls. The republic considers it a crime.

In most countries, justice awarded to a criminal does not influence his/her family. But in North Korea, when one commits a crime, then one’s grandparents, parents, and children are also punished with oneself.

The Republic of North Korea is very particular about its citizens’ haircuts. One is only permitted to go for 28 haircuts approved by the government, 10 for men and 18 for women.

It is noteworthy that North Korea is closed to normal tourists. In this article, we take a look at some laws in North Korea that you wouldn’t have known of earlier.

1. Just 3 TV channels in North Korea

Even for these 3 TV channels, the government controls all content. Watching American movies could lead to the death penalty in North Korea.

2. North Koreans can’t make international calls

There used to be a North Korean factory owner who had installed 13 phones in his factory basement. He was executed by a firing squad before 150,000 people for making international calls.

3. Disloyalty to the supreme leader brings death

Hyon Yong-chol used to be the defense minister of North Korea. He was gunned down by anti-aircraft fire in 2015 before 100 people because he fell asleep when Kim Jong-un was present..

4. Three generations punished for a crime

This is to prevent people from escaping from jail. Escaping from jail will result in your entire family being killed.

5. Only government-approved haircuts

Beautiful Women’s haircut. hairdresser, beauty salon

Kim Jong-un’s haircut is not on the list. No one can dare to copy his hairstyle.

6. Basketball rules are different

When in North Korea, a slam dunk will give you 3 points, not 2. In the last three minutes of the game, 2-point shots will give you 8 points. Upon missing 3 shots, a point is deducted.

7. To reside in the national capital, one has to seek permission

Kim Jong-un prefers that in Pyongyang, only the influential, wealthy, and successful reside.

8. Students pay for their chairs and desks in school

9. In North Korea, Bible is banned

Jeffrey Fowle is an American citizen who was on a tour to North Korea in 2014. He was imprisoned for five months because he forgot his Bible in a restaurant’s bathroom.

10. iPhones and Mac notebooks are banned in North Korea

11. Custom rules are unique

One is allowed to enter North Korea only after all of one’s written materials, films, and music are checked.

12. North Korea follows a different calendar

Juche calendar is followed in North Korea which begins on 15th April 1912, the date when Kim II Sung, their beloved revolutionary leader was born.

13. A distinctive democracy

All citizens over 17 need to mandatorily vote in elections. However, they have just one candidate to vote for. All North Koreans, hence, vote for their beloved leader.

14. Little tolerance for blasphemy

An insult to Kim and his family is blasphemy in North Korea and is rewarded with a severe punishment. Both, citizens and tourists are subject to these punishments.

15. North Korea has just one true leader, Kim Il Sung

This made it easy for his son, and then his grandson to take the reins following his death.

16. Not allowed to leave the republic

Why do North Koreans live with such strict laws? They don’t have a choice. North Koreans are prohibited from leaving the country. When one tries to leave the border without official documentation, one is shot by the guards.

17. Leaving their group or speaking to locals gets tourists arrested

Along certain routes, tourists are only taken to certain places.

18. Wearing blue jeans is not allowed

North Korean citizens are not permitted to wear blue jeans as they symbolize American imperialism. Wearing black jeans is also a highly discretionary affair. One is better off in a pair of chinos.

19. Compulsory military service

Military service is compulsory for all North Korean citizens. 10 years for men and 7 years for women.

20. Each night, a power cut takes place that is also a North Korea facts.

North Korea faces an energy crisis. So, each night, power cuts take place in the republic. Using electricity requires permission.

21. Microwaves and piercings are banned in North Korea

Clearly, North Korea facts astonish everyone.

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