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3 Years of NDA - Narendra Modi Government Achievements

5 years of NDA – Narendra Modi Government Achievements

Narendra Modi Government Achievements

Narendra Modi Government Achievements – This is about our nation’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, who has taken his oath for this post on 24th May in the year of 2014. 3 Year of Modi Government as a Prime Minister so well that you can never imagine his three years journey. How did he comes through all the hurdles and still doing the best for our nation’s wealth and health? He is a man who is down to earth and looks after for everyone’s need. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi belongs to the NDA government which is performing well as in terms of the financial statement.

Narendra Modi Sarkar Achievements

He has been going so successful that he ensures his political stability for the next election. Even he provides a good decision with includes his boldness and belief within him. People may criticize his decisions but nobody could stop him to change this nation’s progress. His leadership is remarkable. And he took various steps for our nation with adopting all those bitter words or blessings which he earned from the public. He has taken all and still going on for the nation’s good health and future. In Achievements of Modi Sarkar, He has taken many steps to develop India and he took various steps to bring India ahead towards the path of success.

Narendra Modi Government Achievements

5 years of NDA – Narendra Modi Government Achievements

If you will go back then you will realize that nobody was there since last 30 years of Parliament’s history who is like Mr. Modi. He has given a new shape to India and still wants more progress for India. He has won his election with taking a slogan over the nation i.e. ‘Ache Din’, that is actually his symbol or you may say slogan to earn that prosperity which he deserves. He attracts all over the Indians. And he earned love from Public as well as he earned respect in eyes of every youngster.

As he has already completed more than half years of his journey in Parliament so everybody may want to know that what he has done within his three years of the journey as a Prime Minister. Which kind of ache din is brought by him till yet?. So we are here providing you the number of services or Development in India After Modi which is actually worth for India and Indian people. The things are as mentioned below:

Narendra Modi Government Achievements

    • He has provided a number of jobs for which is enough for the everyone from youngsters to old age people.
    • He has reformed the budget that brings Indian economy at its height, was his agenda only to do this budget reformation thing.
    • There are basically three main changes in his budget i.e. railway budget got merged with the Union budget. That brought the government departments which brings the equivalent weighting in eyes of the finance ministry.
    • He also formulates the budget of railway department consumes a lot of time. But it worth its success in the end for the railway department’s staff as well as for the Railway Minister.
  • He identifies the differences between the planned and non-planned things or expenditure as he spends so wisely in everything with his remarkable planning.  Which you can’t ever imagine and calculate things like him. This government never invest anything without planning, everything is well planned.

What Are Achievement if Modi Sarkar

    • In terms of business, this government’s ideas and planning brought India on 130th position from the 190th position in all over the world. This government is increasing easiness of doing businesses. It attracts the institutional investments and Foreign investments that help to improve the nation’s business.
    • By organizing e-filing forms of income tax returns that were the unbelievable thought to provide an easiness in doing businesses.
    • He fights against the entire black money stuff with setting up a team especially for this purpose i.e. special investigation team. Justice MP Shah is the head of this team which is actually working for black money and it will show their results soon.
  • To stop the further black money transactions. He has announced the demonetization of the notes 500 Rs and 1000 Rs that was successfully got implemented. And much black money has been also earned by this also that strengthen the wealth of our country.
Indian prime minister Narendra Modi

5 years of NDA – Narendra Modi Government Achievements

    • Demonization has several effects that also includes connectivity through the bank for every transaction, to keep an eye on foreign money exchange, etc. If anybody will hide any money or income information then they will get penalized for their deeds.
  • He also focuses on making smart cities or infrastructure of India. Connected railway stations from Wi-Fi. Under Mr. Nitin Gadkari. All the infrastructure’s improvement is taking place like airport services, railway services, roads, airways, and electricity. All are developing very fast that you can not imagine. It is the Modi Government Report Card of 3 Years.

So Narendra Modi Government Achievements 2017 were appreciable for all Indians and public. Due to this, we have seen major changes in the country.

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