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Top 5 Netflix Original Series of All Time

Top 5 Netflix Original Series of All Time

It has been 2013 since Netflix has been around. Right since then, they have created some brilliant content by the ton. A fact that exemplifies the impact that Netflix has had on our lives is that in 2021, the Netflix original series won 44 Emmy Awards. This greatly exceeded the number of awards won by any other production company.

Now, if Netflix has produced some great shows, they have come up with some duds as well. If you watch shows such as Emily in Paris and Real Rob, you’ll know what I mean. But turning to the brilliant Netflix original series once again, Black Mirror and BoJack Horseman are listed in the Hall of Fame in terms of great TV content.

Netflix has deep pockets. This makes it possible for them to produce large-scale shows with the greatest star-studded lineups. Competing with anything that AMC or HBO produces, hence, becomes easier.

Netflix is versatile and their shows are not bound within the limitations of a single genre. Instead, they are spread across different genres. Some are sci-fi while others are in the comedy genre. Those across crime and historical drama are also there.

Here, we share the list of the top 5 greatest Netflix original series of all time. The list has been derived based on the opinions of IMDb users.

Top 5 greatest Netflix original series of all time

1.      Stranger Things (2016 – 2025)

Stranger Things is a story based on some kids residing in small-town Indiana. The timeline is the 1980s. These guys have encountered several supernatural threats.

In the series, one of the things that you come across is an intimidating monster. Then, there is also a rip of sorts in between two realities.

Most people who have seen Stranger Things say that this is a nostalgia trip of sorts that you takes back to the 80s. Everything about the show has an 80s feel, be it the slang or the outfits, and not to miss out on the haircuts.

2.      ‘BoJack Horseman’ (2014 – 2020)

When we think of animated comedies, they are primarily oriented towards children. The Simpsons were different, though, people of all ages watched the show gleefully and found great joy in doing so.

Moving on to BoJack Horseman, this one’s another animated comedy-drama oriented towards adults. Not that there’s anything common between The Simpsons and BoJack Horseman. It’s just that the show has been so created that adults are expected to enjoy it. And enjoy they did – BoJack Horseman makes it to the second spot in our list of top 5 shows on Netflix.

3.      ‘Narcos’ (2015 – 2017)

Crime sagas have an indisputable edge when it comes to ruling the minds of viewers. The fandom that crime sagas bring with them is difficult to compare with anything else. Some viewers begin to admire the protagonist or the detective, some are in awe of the dialogs, the sets, the settings, and obviously, the great action and stunts. When you watch the stunts many times over, you come to realize that they might not be as natural as they seem. But, nowadays, for the past few decades, computer-generated stunts have also been very popular.

Other things to admire in crime sagas include the villain’s mannerisms, and the stories running on sidelines. A few of them could be love stories.

4.      ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ (2023 – )

Oriental stories have a magic of their own and they create charm on screen. The brand of humor is different but finds sync with everyone. The action is out of this world and is a great work of art. K-dramas are popular.

Blue Eye Samurai is not a K-drama, though. It’s a series based in Japan. Samurais were Japanese, after all.

The series is set in 17th century Japan when the Edo period was Live. The protagonist is half-white and half-Japanese, but she is out for revenge. She is not amused by the gender-based discrimination she encounters and chooses to disguise herself as a man.

5.      ‘Arcane’ (2021 – )

On Netflix, shows with 9+ ratings are an absolute rarity. Arcane has the honor to be one of them. This by default brings Arcane to the topmost spot in the list of hottest Netflix shows ever.

Arcane is, many readers will be surprised to note, a video game adaptation. But, the noteworthy part is the perfection with which adaptation has been put forth. Indeed, the entertainment value of Arcane is exceptionally high.


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