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To 5 Vacation Activities For Students

Top 5 Vacation Activities For Students

Come summer vacations and kids have some time on their hands. A few may feel that this is a prized 2-month freedom from school at last. However, creative utilization of this time has to come with the fact that kids need to be happy and entertained. So, some vacation activities for students are worth looking into.

What does your son or daughter plan to spend his/her summer vacation doing? We have some tips in this article or vacation activities for students that you may not want to miss.

In essence, there’s a lot that kids could be doing while their summer vacations last. Outdoor expeditions are not to be forgotten. The focus, similarly, may lie on artistic expression. One may even want to add social impact projects and scientific explorations to the mix. This only goes to show that many ideas are waiting to be explored.

These 2-month summer vacations from school stand the potential to be a golden phase in a child’s life, but only if the right vacation activities for students are chosen. A child may want to take up reading as a hobby during this time. However, the world today evolves fast and we would want to impart skills to children that go beyond books.

So, in this article, we explore the top activities your children may want to involve themselves with during their summer vacation.

Top vacation activities for students during the summer break

1.      Outdoor adventures

Summer camps are one of the common activities that Indian kids go for during their summer break. But, essentially, there’s more to outdoor adventure than summer camps. During their vacation, kids may want to take up activities such as hiking, camping, or trekking. This is one of the best ways for children to spend time as they disconnect from mobile devices and spend time in nature.

2.      Go for a DIY project

DIY projects are invaluable from a developmental point of view but bring with them a peculiar set of benefits, in terms of critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. A child gets to learn and fine-tune skills such as resourcefulness, persistence, and patience. The best part is that many different options will be available before a child in terms of going for a DIY project. Alternatively, the child will get an overview of India’s rich cultural heritage if he goes for traditional crafts like pottery and woodworking.

3.      Learn a new language

A child will typically have sufficient time at his resource for learning a new language during his vacation. This is going to be a mentally stimulating and fun activity. This way, a child’s cultural understanding is enhanced and several opportunities open up at a professional and academic level.

Learning a new language is nowadays easier than it has ever been before with an n number of online resources, games, and apps available at our disposal.

4.      Take up a new sport

An entire range of unconventional sports are nowadays available at the disposal of kids which they can take up while their 2-month summer vacation lasts. Such activities work towards keeping the children engaged and active, even while they build up new skills and confidence.

Overall, there’s a lot that your children could be doing. They may want to involve themselves with rock climbing, surfing, roller skating, basketball, or lawn tennis.

5.      Be a volunteer

Binge watching a web series is an option that will seem attractive to many children for spending their summer breaks. But, volunteering for a cause is a more enriching way for spending the break. To start with, a child should try and figure out a cause that is close to his heart. When one dedicates time to helping out those in need, it brings a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

Overcoming resistance and fear

If it is unconventional vacation activities that your child pursues, they are sure to come across obstacles that will make them want to give up. That’s because matters such as public speaking or rock climbing may call for them to step out of their comfort zone.

It is hard to deny that resistance and fear could be overwhelming. But it needs to be acknowledged and addressed head-on. The right way to go about it is to encourage your child to express himself without judging. Fears should then be broken down into bite-sized challenges that are more addressable.


During the summer break, we should no longer perceive from the traditional lens and it is a time to bring about a change in the outlook. This has to be seen as a time when kids are encouraged to experiment and explore. The way they express themselves has to be fulfilling and fun for them.

The challenges of the 21st century are dynamic. This is just one of the ways to foster confident, creative, and curious individuals who can take on these challenges.


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