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Numerous Ways in Which WhatsApp Bots Bring Ease To Life

Numerous Ways in Which WhatsApp Bots Bring Ease To Life

When we take our digital lives into perspective, we see that WhatsApp has become an essential part of it. There used to be a time when WhatsApp was little more than a messaging app, but that is no longer the case. Now, WhatsApp performs different tasks for us wherein business activities are also included. it uses WhatsApp Bots for the purpose.

One of the core factors that make WhatsApp all the more useful for us is the integration of chatbots. There is no end to the number of tasks that the integration of WhatsApp Bots make more convenient.

In this article, we take a look at a few of the most trending and important WhatsApp Bots that make life more convenient for us:

WhatsApp Bots that bring ease to life

1.      When commuting by train, you can enjoy your favorite meal

When commuting by train, people yearn for meals and snacks more frequently and prefer to eat their hearts out. Onboard options are very unlikely to meet your satisfaction levels and under such circumstances, Zoop acts as the savior.

To use Zoop, all one needs to do is message 7042062070 on WhatsApp. This delivers for you the liberty to order your favorite food. At the railway station of choice, the food will be delivered to you. This way, the meals you enjoy while commuting will be delicious and best-quality.

2.      Buy insurance on the go

It is hard to deny that life is unpredictable. So, when you buy insurance, it acts as a safety net. If you feel the need to buy insurance during your trips, you can do so over WhatsApp number 8510093333. Your insurance requirements are, hence, managed on the go. The traditional process need not be followed but one can still make significant decisions that concern your future and your family, right from the comfort of your home.

3.      Shop as you chat

Online shopping is now a part of our life but JioMart takes things a step further. Over the WhatsApp number 7977079770, you can purchase a host of essentials including groceries. Browsing, selecting, and purchasing the items are all made easy because the interface is user-friendly. The best part is that you won’t be required to download any brand’s app. You could directly buy the products.

4.      Merely by sending a message, you could get your bank balance

Nowadays, when you need to check your bank balance, you need not have to visit an ATM or the bank. You could do so by sending a message.

The number for sending the message will be defined by your bank. All banks have different dedicated WhatsApp numbers over which a user can send a message. The bank will send over a message that displays the account balance. However, a user has to use his registered mobile number to send the message. This way, a user can also do other banking operations.

5.      Secure digital locker

It is a matter of great importance to manage and store essential documents. At the WhatsApp number 9013151515, you can easily access DigiLocker’s WhatsApp service. You will find the liberty to store and access important documents, which include your PAN card, X and XII mark sheets, driver’s license, and vehicle registration certificate (RC). Ease and security come into the picture with this arrangement which ensures that each of your important documents is within reach.



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