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10 New iPhone Features Not To Miss!

10 New iPhone Features Not To Miss!

Earlier in the week, Apple had announced the latest batch of software updates for iPhones. These new iPhone features have the iPhone users up on their feet for being the largest overhaul in several years. The options now available at our disposal were unheard of ever earlier.

You can now do more with your phone than you could ever earlier. Options are now brought to our disposal to use colors for customizing the home screen. Even the Control Center comes with a major overhaul, which is also the initial change since iOS 11.

Similarly, the Photos app comes with a new look and a couple of fresh tricks have been introduced in messages. But that’s not all and Apple plans to present some new iPhone features before us just before the year ends. In this article, we’ll take a look at the new features that Apple will make available for us.

New iPhone features to be rolled out with iOS 18

1.      Arranging apps the way you like, locking them, or coloring them up

iOS Home screen has a grid that has been locked up right from when iPhones were incepted. But now, that will no longer be the case. You will now be able to rearrange the widgets and apps in just the way you like, putting them anywhere on the screen.

2.      Additional control over the Control Center

iOS 18 brings the biggest overhaul to date for the Control Center. More controls have been introduced for home functions, apps, and music. You will even have a choice at evening the size and layout buttons. Further, the Control Center will have multiple pages, all customizable. A new Controls Gallery has been introduced which also manages third-party controls.

3.      With the lock screen, we get an additional customization option

iPhone’s Lock Screen was already pretty much customizable. But now, lock screen controls are personalized, which implies that you can customize your lock screen further. Camera and flashlight controls have been the defaults for times immemorable. But now, you could replace those.

4.      Photos app is now overhauled

With iOS 18, the Photos app gets its greatest redesign ever. In the new redesign, your grid and library will be on the same screen. Filters and time scales have also been provided to ease your search. A collection views feature has also been introduced which thematically organizes your photos such as holidays or trips.

5.      Messages app puts forth an entirely new set of features

The new features include sending messages later or reacting to messages with the preferred stickers or emojis. For formatting messages, you could use strikethrough, underline, italics, or bold.  Some fun text effects have also been introduced. Your words will now dance and move on the screen.

6.      Safari will now summarize web pages for you

When Safari comes across important information on web pages, it is going to highlight it automatically. This information could be about TV shows, movies, music, people, and directions. The Reader mode has been redesigned to facilitate easy understanding via article summaries and a table of contents.

7.      Iphones now come with game mode

When we talk about the new Game Mode introduced by iOS 18, it ensures higher frame rates by minimizing background activity. It also reduces the audio latency of AirPods while wireless controller responsiveness is enhanced. All these features work towards ensuring that your gaming experience is enhanced.

8.      Notes app will bring you Live audio transcripts

On the live audio transcripts that you get with the Notes app, you could run searches or combine them with documents, checklists, and comments. The app also provides you with an inbuilt calculator that lets you solve mathematical expressions instantly as you keep typing. Text highlighting emphasizes important points.

9.      A passwords app

A new password app is another top feature of iOS 18. This is a dedicated app for maintaining each of your security alerts, verifications, and passwords. They are synced across your Apple Vision Pro, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and also Windows devices. This way, you’ll have easy access to your passwords at all times and places.

10. Hands-free interaction with Siri

Hands-free interaction with Siri is an entirely new feature for iPhones. Here, a nod of the head means a yes and a shake means a no. Similarly, advanced computational audio ensures that you’ll experience clear audio quality when using Airpods, even when the environment is noisy or windy.

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