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Addressing Rising Divorce Cases In India
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Addressing Rising Divorce Cases In India

When we consider the cases of marriages, as they exist in India, different traditions, cultures, and identities are definitely going to come into the picture. The norms change with the modern times, but unfortunately, divorce cases in India are higher than what they used to be earlier. A few of the other factors that contribute to the development are evolving values, urbanization, and women’s empowerment.

Most people will agree that it is not right to limit marriage to the bounds of being a union among two individuals that has been socially and legally sanctioned. That’s primarily because these individuals likely have different mindsets, personalities, and identities. They are likely to hail from different cultures. Purely from the Indian viewpoint, a marriage is best defined as the union of families, and not just the union of individuals.

Let’s consider what the true essence of marriage is. The true essence of marriage remains unchanged. This is irrespective of whether we take love marriages or arranged marriages into perspective. A marriage is always meant to serve multiple purposes.

Just as an instance, a marriage provides financial and emotional security. It is a framework under which you can raise children. Similarly, for the sexual aspect of a relationship, marriage provides a socially acceptable context.

Marriage is a bond associated with great sanctity. The two partners commit to support each other through joys and sorrows. However, each partner may have a different set of expectations from the marriage.

Divorce cases in India have been higher across the contemporary years, primarily because of the following interrelated factors

Social norms are transforming

Divorce cases in India have been associated with a strong stigma, but only traditionally so. The societal outlook towards the matter is transforming.

Women’s empowerment

Education and job opportunities have empowered women. Their tolerance towards unsatisfactory or abusive marriages has changed via economic freedom.

Modern styles and urbanization

The transformation from rural to stressful urban life has brought about a change in outlook, making it more liberal, primarily because relationships are strained.

Unrealistic expectations and incompatibility

When high expectations associated with happiness and emotional fulfillment stay unmet, it results in marital discord. Prioritizing self-fulfillment and personal growth is also an underlying cause.

Accessibility and legal awareness

Individuals are nowadays more aware of their legal rights and the related reforms. Getting a divorce, hence, simplifies for them.

Joint families making way for nuclear families

For married couples, a joint family system that traditionally existed created a strong support system. Nuclear families tend to make marriages more stressful.

The following are a few of the ways in which these matters can be addressed to minimize divorce cases in India

Keeping the communication strong

When a couple begins to involve itself with respectful, honest, and open dialogue, it forms the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Pre-marital counseling

By helping set realistic expectations, pre-marital counseling helps prepare for the challenges that married life brings. Matters such as family responsibilities, career goals, children, and finances are discussed here.

Adaptation and continuous learning

Just like all relationships, marriage too is like a plant that requires ongoing efforts for sustainability. A couple should seek to adapt itself based on each others’ requirements.

Spending quality time

When you spend quality time together, it helps create a strong emotional connection. Shared hobbies and regular date nights help with the bid.

Managing expectation

Keeping the expectations from marriage realistic is important. Conflicts are a part of all relationships but compromise and acceptance help couples find their way through.

Support and mutual respect

Regard for your partner’s individuality and allowing room for growth within marriage is also important. By encouraging the partner’s aspirations, one should be a pillar of support.

Conflict resolution skills

Constructive handling of conflicts makes all the difference. While blame games are to be avoided, active listening helps meet the deliverables. Attempts should be made towards an active resolution of issues.

Shared responsibilities

When financial and household responsibilities are equitably shared, feelings of resentment are overcome and stress is reduced. Division of duties makes partners feel that they are equitably contributing to the marriage.

Empathy and emotional intelligence

When one develops emotional intelligence, one not only manages one’s own emotions better but also learns to empathize with one’s partner’s feelings. The emotional connections deepen further.

Therapy and professional counseling

Professional counseling is a method providing couples with tools for the management of their issues and also overcoming them.


In society, marriage will always be a fundamental institution. But modern times make it difficult to sustain marriages. Fostering mutual respect and honing conflict resolution skills are just some of the ways that make marriages more sustainable.



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