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Check out the Chat Lock Feature in WhatsApp

Check out the Chat Lock Feature in WhatsApp

Whatsapp Chat lock

We use WhatsApp all day and while a host of WhatsApp clones are also in prominence, WhatsApp keeps coming up with new features to boost the user experience. If we take a look at the new Chat Lock Feature in WhatsApp, it is a feature where your personal chats, chosen by you are locked in a special folder. These chats can be accessed only by the device password or your biometrics, such as your fingerprint.

So, now all users can lock their preferred chats on WhatsApp, irrespective of whether they use an Android or iOS device. The security of their messages will reach an unprecedented high and the users benefit from higher levels of privacy. The key beneficiary of this feature will be the users who have private conversations which they intend to keep confidential and have no desire to reveal to others.

Another noteworthy fact about the Chat Lock feature is that when a chat is locked, the user receives no notifications regarding that chat.

Using the Chat Lock feature bought to us by WhatsApp is easy. Let us see how we go about it.

Using the Chat Lock feature

  • This feature will be operational only when you have installed the latest WhatsApp version. This, you can download from the Google Play store or Apple Store.
  • After you open WhatsApp, navigate to the chat that you intend to lock.
  • Tapping on the profile picture of the group or contact will bring access to additional options.
  • From the displayed options, select “Chat Lock”. You’d be able to access it upon scrolling down the drop-down menu.
  • When you tap on Chat Lock, a prompt to enable it will be displayed.
  • After you enable it, authentication will be called for in the format of your biometrics or your phone password.

So, that’s how you can lock your preferred chats on WhatsApp.

Accessing the locked chats is also easy.

  • Swiping down on the WhatsApp home page displays the locked chats.
  • Select the chat that you’d like to see
  • Now, authenticate using your device password or biometrics.


While you do not unlock a chat, the messages in the chat will keep locked. WhatsApp is also planning to add new functionalities for the Chat Lock Feature in WhatsApp. This includes creating a custom password for chats and locking for companion devices.

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