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Advantages of ChatGPT over Google

Advantages of ChatGPT over Google

Chat GPT

AI is a technology that is fast becoming a part of our lives and is transforming human interaction across all touchpoints, with humans or machines. AI, by itself, is a technology that changes all the time and new developments come to the fore every day. Let us take a look at the advantages of ChatGPT over Google in this article.

ChatGPT is one of the latest manifestations of AI. It is a chatbot that responds to most human queries and delivers accurate responses in simple language and an easy to comprehend format. So, it may not be right to reject ChatGPT as just another chatbot.

Businesses nowadays use ChatGPT for a host of applications including content creation, writing blog posts, and social media posts. ChatGPT further has applications for invoicing, coding, rendering financial advice, fraud detection, customer service, A/B testing, Quality Assurance automation, etc.

Let us consider the top advantages of ChatGPT over Google:

1. Boosts efficiency

ChatGPT quickly and efficiently furnishes important information. It might be possible that you conduct research on 17th-century English literature for a university paper. When you ask specific questions to ChatGPT, you can get the required information to finish your project.

2. Cost Efficient

ChatGPT stays a free program to date. This makes it easy for anyone to use the platform, for whichever purpose they deem appropriate. Irrespective of whether one is a student, business person, corporate employee, or self-employed, one can conveniently use ChatGPT.

3. Keeps user experience high

When businesses leverage ChatGPT for their varied applications, it keeps the end-user experience prime. This is primarily because, with human-like interaction, customers get to feel that their voice is being heard. Customer queries become easier to address because, in a simple way, ChatGPT collects relevant feedback and information from consumers.

4. ChatGPT shares accurate information

The information that ChatGPT shares with users is accurate and systematic. The program can distinguish between true information and that which is not. This is different from Google where the user alone is responsible for figuring out a reliable source of information. So, the advantages of ChatGPT over Google become easy to see.


When ChatGPT is used, it takes away the requirement to research separately on the different relevant topics. Overall, in the long run, ChatGPT and other AI-related technologies simplify human life.

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