What is Sarahah App and What are the risks of using it?

What is Sarahah App

What is Sarahah?

iPhone’s free and most downloaded app from the store used for people bully by the users of iPhone itself.
Not known to many that What is Sarahah App? Sarahah which got released free in an app store of US earlier this year has taken no time to get famous among iPhone users.
But when putting an eye on another side, the reviews from the users state that the app is being used to bully vulnerable crowd by being anonymous. Thus, describing this as a breeding ground for hate.
The application operates by allowing the users to receive messages from an unknown person. This happens in this manner, each user has a unique username, this username can later be surrendered and anybody can use that username and send a message to any stranger or random person without disclosing their username or details.
The unlucky people who get any message, have only access to read and add the text as favorite but cannot reply to the sender. Also,  there seems to be no one who can help to find the sender of the message.
The users of this app say that the app is perfect for the abusing and attacking the people with impunity.
The name of the application means “Frankness” or “Honesty” in Arabic and allows the users to send a message in that spirit. The app was designed by a programmer from Saudi and was released in North Africa and the Middle East before spreading across the world.
What is Sarahah App

What is Sarahah App

The app appears to be in Arabic in the App Store, but it also supports the English language which can be selected after downloading the app.
A Business Insider reposted a review mentioning that this son created an account and in just 24 hours somebody published a horrible comment related to racist over the page. He also added that he should be lynched.
Another review is read as parents are not allowing their kids to download this app. As this is an application breeding suicides. This proves that what is Sarah App in actually?
Other active users have published messages which are less aggressive. Such people are involved in publishing confessions by saying that they are attracted to the user and are Gay or any other abusive one.
What is Sarahah App

What is Sarahah App

The description of Sarahah App clearly states that it is partly designed to send negative messages across. The team of Sarahah also states that it helps the user to discover the weak points from their colleagues, employees or friends by honest feedback and allow you to improve accordingly.
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