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Apple BKC: First Apple Store In India Mumbai

Apple BKC: First Apple Store In India Mumbai

Apple is a multinational giant well recognized for coming up with the finest smartphones and tablets, and a range of other devices such as Apple TV, Apple watch, and the discontinued iPod. Apple is the pioneer in smartphone technology and is credited for the creation of the iPhone, which is the first smartphone known to the world. The first iPhone was launched in 2007 and has changed the dimensions of the internet, as we know it today. In this article, we’ll be discussing the first Apple store in India Mumbai.

Apple products are popular all across the world, as they are in India as well. Each year, Apple releases a new version of the iPhone with fresh and utilitarian features, and many people upgrade their iPhones each year. Apple products are known to be a class apart for their ease of use, security, more utility than other smartphones, and additional features that bring more value to the lives of elderly and specially-abled people.

Apple setting up its first store in India is a matter of great delight for all Indians

Across the years to come, we can look forward to similar initiatives on Apple’s behalf. As per the news updates received to date, Apple is planning to open two outlets in India and Apple BKC is the first among them, the first Apple store in India Mumbai. Apple BKC opened on Tuesday, April 18, at 11 a.m. IST in Mumbai.

The opening of Apple BKC is widely seen as the start of a new chapter in Apple’s India story. 2023 marks 25 years of Apple’s presence in India. The opening of the store was a mega event and a host of celebrities from different walks of life were in attendance. People traveled from as far as Gujrat and Rajasthan to attend the opening of the first Apple store in India Mumbai.

It was amidst elaborate fanfare that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO opened the doors of the Apple BKC, Apple’s first official outlet in India. The first Apple store in India Mumbai is spread across an area of 28,000 sq. ft.

The Mumbai location of India’s first Apple store is in Jio World Drive Mall, Bandra Kurla Complex area. As per reliable sources, India now comes by as a key market for Apple. Correspondingly, the retail push was being seen as the next logical step that Apple would take.

As publicized earlier, Apple BKC, Apple first retail store in India is a one-stop destination for service, sales, and accessories.

Apple BKC is indeed Apple first retail store in India and the elaborate curiosity that surrounds the store is fully justified. Besides being an architectural marvel, the store offers unmatched customer experiences.

In this article, we will be discussing eight of the most prominent points that we should be aware of regarding Apple first retail store in India, Apple BKC.

1.      first Apple store in India Mumbai

We now have our Apple first retail store in India. This is a direct implication that from the comfort of our home country, we will be offered a global experience by Apple.

All across the world, Apple stores are known for their out-of-the-world design. When we consider the case of Apple BKC, it is no different.

2.      1000 tiles make the ceiling

When take a look at Apple BKC’s ceiling, we see that 1000 tiles make the ceiling. 408 pieces of timber have been used for creating these tiles, nicely constructed together in 31 modules. The design is sublime and when one enters Apple BKC, one cannot but, be in awe of the gorgeous design.

3.      The stone that decorates the wall has been bought from Rajasthan

One comes across two stone walls at Apple BKC that feature stones sourced from Rajasthan. This is one of the top features of Apple BKC. They also have a staircase made from stainless steel in there. This 14-meter-long work of art lets one land directly on the first floor.

4.      Irrespective of your mother tongue, you are likely to come across an attendant who interacts fluently with you

At Apple BKC, over 100 employees will be in attendance at any given time. They collectively speak 20 languages. So, when a visitor prefers that the features of a product be explained to him in his mother tongue, it won’t be a problem.

5.      Apple BKC makes each of the global services available

Visitors to Apple BKC can expect to find all global services at the store that are available at any of the Apple stores located globally. These services include interaction with Apple ‘Genius’ and pickup at the store.

6.      Apple Trade-In Program and other related services

At Apple, there’s a program on offer where one can exchange his old iPad, Mac, or iPhone for a new one. Besides the global stores of Apple, this program is available at Apple BKC as well.

7.      Apple holds special sessions to educate customers regarding their services and products

Each day at Apple, a session is hosted which is known as “Today at Apple”. The people who host this session could be Apple employees, creators, or professionals. At times, these sessions have workshops that are led by creative professionals such as photographers or artists.

8.      Apple’s most sustainable store

It is noteworthy that to facilitate store operation, Apple BKC does a great job with zero reliance on fossil fuels because it has a dedicated solar array. Operationally, the store is carbon neutral and runs 100% on renewable energy.

It is noteworthy that the smartphone market in India is dominated by Apple competitors from China and South Korea. Apple’s market share in India’s smartphone market, under such circumstances stands at 4%. The underlying reason for the same is that Apple products are priced more towards the higher side.

The factor that makes India a feasible market for Apple is that it is the second-largest mobile phone market in the world. Apple, alternately, is looking to tap the Indian mobile market from the viewpoint of expanding its local manufacturing footprint. This way, Apple can reduce dependence on China at a time when Washington-Beijing relations are strained.

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