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Sudden Murder : How Gauri Lankesh Got Murdered At Her Residence

Sudden Murder of Gauri Lankesh At Her Residence

How Gauri Lankesh got murdered

 Gauri Lankesh was a famous journalist, editor and achiest of Karnataka. She was editor of Lankesh Patrika. She was a strong voice of Bengaluru. The date 5th September Night of Tuesday evening three people came on the bike out of her house and they started firing on Gauri Lankesh. How Gauri Lankesh got murdered according to sources some unidentified suspicious killed Gauri Lankesh last night at her residence in Bengaluru. They drove seven bullets on her Four bullets were pumped into her. She had stepped out of her car and she moved to her house gate, the time was running 8 and all there was around dark blind.

How Gauri Lankesh Got Murdered?

It is not cleared still that for what reason Gauri Lankesh was shot deadNeighbours came out of their house they thought that sound of firecrackers but they saw Gauri Lankesh was laying in the pool with full of blood. She was a journalist that’s why she generally works late hours. But Tuesday evening she came earlier. According to police shots were fired from very close range out of her house.

Gauri Lankesh at her young age

Gauri Lankesh Murdered

The whole incident occurred near 8‘o’clock and three bullets were fired in her chest and one bullet on her forehead. Police said they are hoping that CCTV cameras footage will help them in this case and they will found out the criminal as soon as possible. There are three special teams working in this case and they took out for the suspects. If you check her profile on social media she faced lots of threats and so many people are against her and they show anger on her social media sites.

Why Gauri Lankesh Got Murdered

She was very controversial personality she did so many protests against Government and corruption. Due to her these deeds many of people had become her enemies. After this incident, his whole family is in shocked. According to her relatives and friends statement “There is no personal reason of her death because she had not personal enemies so may be politicians are behind of this murder”.

Gauri Lankesh Family after her murder

Gauri Lankesh Family

The politicians are also attacking each other for this murder. Rahul Gandhi has attacked BJP hand behind of her murder. As he stated ” Rahul Gandhi has tweeted, also attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he said, “Sometimes the PM speaks under pressure but the entire idea is to crush dissent and this is resulting in a very serious problem in India.”

“The allegations are baseless and false. We have nothing to do with the Gauri Lankesh incident…the BJP’s, the central government or any of our organizations have no relation to this incident… we condemn this,” Mr. Gadkari said.

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