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Secret Science: How Does Festivals Bring Happiness and Joy?
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Secret Science: How Does Festivals Bring Happiness and Joy?

festivals bring happiness and joy

How Festivals Bring Happiness and Joy?

The instant when we get aware about the upcoming festival season, the heart beats increases automatically and festivals bring happiness and joy. For example, when we come across few places where people are busy preparing the shed for Durga Pooja, we immediately feel positive and happy, irrespective of the date of the festival to arrive is a week ago. Have you ever wondered a reason for this Happiness? Thus, to understand the science behind this festival and related happiness, we had communicated with some psychiatrists. It was an interesting interaction where we came to know about some insights of the connection between them. لعبة جاك بوت

Biological Reason: All the 5 senses get sharpened during the festival

A Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach from DocsApp, Mamta Harish Iyer informed that the happiness arises when all the five senses are triggered and this majorly happens during the time of the festivals. The beautiful and unique decoration pleasures your eyes; retrigger your brain to feel happy. The sweet fragrance all around you, which triggers your nervous, and power to change the feeling and thinking ability. Likewise, the sweets, snacks, and other food, which you have enjoyed in your childhood, refresh your old memories. ربح مجاني

festivals bring happiness and joy

Psychological Reason: Festivals bring family and friends together

The major reason why the festivals bring happiness and joy and make you happy is that of the situation and conditions. Since birth, our mind is sync with all the known festivals for joy, celebrations, and togetherness. Festivities encourage a response in our mind regarding celebration, happiness, forgiving, becoming spiritual and much more. If we are in such situation, it is natural that our mind and soul will celebrate, as the senior consultant psychiatrist, Dr. تعليم لعبة البوكر Sanjay Chughsaid stated this.

He also added that as our mind is trained to wake up in the morning.  Get ready and go to work, similarly, the mind is trained to celebrate during the festival period.

festivals bring happiness and joy

Social Reason: Spend quality time with family and friends

As we all know festival add joy to our lives During festival seasons. We see many happy and smiling faces around us. This directly affects our own mood. لعب روليت حقيقي Also, this is the time when you spend quantity time with your family members, chit chatting and stuff, which makes you feel happier. Festivals are a part of our life due to this we all come together and spend quality time. انواع البوكر

For example, the festival of lights, Diwali arrives once in a year. Thus, this triggers your mind that your mother is going to make some new sweets and special dinner every day. Guest will visit your place for celebrations and you travel an extra mile to celebrate with someone else too. اسرار لعبة البوكر

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