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“Feeling safe” psychology: How it works?
Love & Relationship

“Feeling Safe” Psychology: How It Works?

In any relationship, one is just about sure to come across phases when one of the partners does not feel secure enough. Feeling insecure is an inherent human tendency. But in such cases, the onus lies on the other partner to ensure that the initial partner feels secure. This article is a short overview of sorts of “feeling safe” psychology.

Making your partner feel secure in a relationship is not a very complex task. One has to drop genuine and heartfelt compliments every once in a while. In case you feel that your partner has some flaws, those should be approached with the due amount of respect. This will keep your partner happy and in turn, you’ll be happy.

Having an overview of the “feeling safe” psychology is important

Two primary factors withhold the maximum potential for creeping insecurity within any relationship. At times, one of the two partners has suspicions about the commitment of the other partner. At other times, one of the partners has had a negative experience in the past. This makes him/her feel that finding commitment is going to be difficult for him/her.

So, one has to take up the responsibility on oneself to ensure that both partners feel secure in a relationship. This is accomplished by keeping the relationship healthy. The most important way to ensure the same is to create a healthy space for your partner.

However, under such circumstances, one has to restrain from going overboard. Creating a healthy space for one’s partner is one thing, and holding oneself responsible for their healing is another. In this article, we will look at four ways to make your partner secure in a relationship.

Four ways to make your partner secure in a relationship

1.      Be respectful when approaching your partner’s flaws

It may be hard to believe for many, but vulnerability and a sense of perfectionism often go hand in hand. The higher one’s sense of perfectionism, the more strongly aware one is of one’s own flaws. Then, one puts in more and more effort toward camouflaging one’s flaws.

But, when one’s partner becomes the source of criticism for one, something triggers from within as sadness engulfs.

The rule of thumb here is to not criticize your partner’s flaws and to approach them with compassion and respect.

2.      Communication

Appreciation, even when marginal, leaves a tremendous impact. If you are in a relationship, you have to make it a point to remind your partner and yourself how lucky you are to have each other. When you drop such gentle compliments for your partner, it delivers a great bit of joy for them. The sense of intimacy enhances this way.

3.      Need

Sense of expectations and needs are variable for each person. So, drawing parallels could be a futile activity in many cases. If one is not sure, then one has to ask. So, take the initiative by asking your partner what they need, and then try to fulfill those needs.

This way, more space will be created in the relationship. The partners will be able to express themselves better.

4.      Boundaries

There will be times in every relationship when one comes to feel that the going is getting tough. Even in the face of such circumstances, it becomes quintessential to hold our boundaries high.

So, even as we ask our partners to take responsibility for their actions, we have to be humble, genial, amicable, and warm. This puts your partner in a better position to be acceptive of your thoughts.

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