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Life Lessons In Emotional Growth Psychology

A human being is a student for life – keeps learning throughout his lifetime. Inspirational literature does stand to inspire us in more cases than not. This delivers us an overview of emotional growth psychology.

Disappointments are a persistent feature in life. But, one learns through disappointments and learns through failures as well.

At one point in time in your life or the other, you are sure to have encountered a host of situations that you can confidently recall as a rich learning experience. With such experiences in life, we grow at emotional and mental levels.

Such times deliver a better understanding of us. We see ourselves as we are. Our vision, emotions, and cognition undergo a realm of awareness.

Surprisingly, as life moves on, we perceive ourselves differently. At times, this change may be visible in a single day. Correspondingly, our opinions and perspectives also change.

As per therapist Israa Nasir, there are times when emotional growth takes a toll on us, making it an unpleasant experience. But, countering the process is pointless, so we should fall in love with the process.

Ultimately, it’s all a matter of choices about how one treats oneself. Choose curiosity over judgment, hope over fear, and openness over shame.

In this article, we take a look at six important life lessons for our emotional growth that Israa shares with us.

Six important life lessons in emotional growth psychology

1.     Everyone is not going to like you

The tendency to please everyone around is inherent to human beings. This tendency is so overwhelming that people do not mind making it a priority over their needs and emotions.

Despite what we do, everyone around us is never going to like us. It is never going to happen. Ultimately, the discomfort that arises from the fact that everyone does not like us is tolerable. But, we cannot shift the focus from our wants and needs.

2.     Make your voice heard

Growing up is a memorable journey. In the process, we learn many things. One of them is that while we leave our thoughts and emotions undiscussed, no one is going to come to know of them.

Irrespective of the relationship that we put into perspective, clarity in communication forms its foundation.

Being vocal concerning our wants and needs is a human tendency and nothing to be ashamed of.

3.     Be prepared to be disappointed

Disappointments make a part and parcel of life. No one can make do without them. But when a loved one disappoints us, it may not be right to take the matter to heart. Instead, one has to learn to forgive and forget, move on, and attempt to seek inner peace.

4.     The good and the bad, both will fade away over time

Permanency is life’s biggest illusion, as George Harrison, the famous guitarist from the Beatles said, all things must pass. The only factor consistent in life is change.

One should refrain from the tendency to hold on to the good or bad times. They are like grains of sand that you cannot hold on to for long if you close your fist. In life, things change and lives also change.

5.     How you respond may be the only thing under your control

The most important lesson that everyone learns in life as a part of growing up is that nothing is under our control. But, one thing that lies under our jurisdiction is how we respond to the different circumstances in life. This will further define how we intend to build our lives.

6.     Refrain from the fear of outcomes

One finds peace in life when one falls back on the Karmic theory. One should keep one’s focus on hard work, and then, let things happen in their due course. Spending sleepless nights over the fear of failure and rejection is not recommended.

In due course, if you come across success, this was what you always desired. But if it is failure that meets you, you have a reason to start afresh.


Disappointment makes a part of the journey of emotional growth because it is difficult to leave behind what we know and believe to be true. These are occasions when one needs to back oneself by investing in one’s emotional growth. This is one of the important ways how healing takes place at an emotional level, and we begin to understand emotional growth psychology.

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