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Brain tumor warning signs to watch out for
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Brain Tumor Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Despite the persistent growth of medical science, we need to be wary of certain health conditions. When we understand the demographics of the most commonly occurring health ailments, we can practice due diligence to ensure that our loved ones and ourselves are protected against them. So, one should be aware of brain tumor warning signs and be vigilant about them.

As per the National Library of Science, brain tumors have become one of the top 10 types of tumors that afflict the Indian population across the recent few years. The stats further reveal that 1 of every 10,000 persons in India is diagnosed with a tumor of the central nervous system. 2% of these tumors are malignant.

What do experts say about the matter?

Dr. Nishant Shanker Yagnick is a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Manipal Hospitals, Gurugram. Dr. Yagnick tells us that the definition of a brain tumor is the progressive and abnormal growth of cells in the brain. This growth is broadly classified as non-cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant).

Impact of a brain tumor on a person’s life: Brain tumor warning signs

Dr. Yagnick adds that the impact of a brain tumor on a person’s life could be significant. This may lead to headaches, seizures, or other neurological disturbances. Similarly, difficulties associated with concentration or memory also become a possibility.

A brain tumor could lead to cognitive impairment and arouse emotional stress in various forms, such as fear, depression, and anxiety.

Factors that increase the risk of occurrence of brain tumor

1.     Environmental factors

Long-duration exposure to pesticides or chemicals could lead to brain tumors.

2.     Family history

A family history of cancer in any form increases the risk of the condition for future generations.

3.     Smoking

Dr. Yagnick says that tobacco smoking increases the odds of occurrence of all types of tumors including meningiomas.

4.     Age

Older people are at a higher risk of developing brain tumors. But, a brain tumor can afflict younger people as well.

5.     Radiation

Radiation exposure, either from professional requirements or from a medical treatment increases the odds of the occurrence of brain tumors.

Signs and symptoms associated with brain tumors

  • Mornings could be tougher than the rest of the day because of headaches or heaviness in the head
  • The frequency and intensity of headaches are affected
  • A patient could be afflicted by migraines or tension headaches
  • Nausea
  • Eye issues like losing vision on the sides of the field of view, hazy vision, or double vision

Treatment options for brain tumor

1.     Surgery

Wait and watch approach characterizes the initial stages of treatment for brain tumors. Doctors attempt to gauge if the tumor is progressing. In case the tumor is growing larger or is causing bodily difficulties, the tumor is surgically removed.

2.     Radiosurgery

Via stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), radiation therapy is given for benign brain tumors that are otherwise inaccessible.

3.     Supportive care and medication

Prescription medications aid in alleviating the symptoms associated with brain tumors. Post-surgery supportive care is also provided for the patient.


Dr. Yagnick specifies that the prevention of the onset of tumors anywhere in the body is not necessarily within a patient’s control. But, one has to be vigilant about brain tumor warning signs.

So, if you come to feel that someone around you or yourself is demonstrating any symptoms of a brain tumor, it is recommendable to consult with a doctor immediately. A proper diagnosis should be conducted, which will include neurological tests, CT scans, and MRIs.

It is scary to be diagnosed with a brain tumor. Early diagnosis and treatment help under the circumstances. When a good team of medical professionals handles the case, the management and treatment of the condition are better.

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