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A Look At The Top IPL Funny Moments!

A Look At The Top IPL Funny Moments!

IPL funny moments

We have all developed a habit of catching live action in IPL matches before going to sleep. Those who can do so have modified their sleeping hours to make room for LIVE IPL action and IPL funny moments.

IPL entertains us for 2 months out of the 12 months each year. This has been happening for 15 years at a stretch. It is only right to say that IPL now enjoys a cult status in the hearts and minds of India’s common man.

At times, some peculiar and hilarious incidents take place on the cricket field. In India’s hot weather where IPL matches are played, this happens more commonly as compared to other places. In this article, we look at a few of the top such moments from the hall of fame of cacophony in the IPL.

Ball Hunting

The Ball Hunting incident took place during the RCB – KXIP tie in 2019. Ankit Rajpoot from KXIP was getting ready to bowl and asked his teammates to pass over the ball to him. Just that no one knew where the ball was. The fourth umpire rushed in with a set of spare balls to choose from.

Footage soon emerged which showed that umpire Shamshuddin had kept the ball in his pocket. Then, he had completely forgotten about it.

Silent game time

The MI-RCB match in the 8th IPL season gave us a glimpse of the silent game time episode. Kieron Pollard was caught sledging RCB’s Chris Gayle in their bid to chase down MI’s 210. Pollard was warned by the umpires.

In the next over that Pollard bowled, he had a brown tape on his mouth which he had peeled from a convenient but unknown source. Pollard later defined his antics as a fun incident.

Pollard receives a flying kiss

In the SRH-MI match that took place in 2013, Pollard the bowler was exchanging words with Warner the batsman. After bowling a dot ball, Pollard closed in on Warner to express himself but got a flying kiss from Warner in return.

Gayle chasing down Yuvraj

The 2015 RCB –Delhi Capitals match disappointed the fans for being called off due to the rain. But Gayle and Yuvraj’s quirky sense of humor offered some respite and IPL funny moments for the disappointed audience at the stands.

As the players walked back to the pavilion after the rain disruption, Gayle was the recipient of a friendly push on the behalf of Yuvraj. The crowd was then enthralled to see Gayle chasing down Yuvraj with his bat in his hands.

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