Honda Shine 100 New Model

Honda Shine 100 new model

Undeniably, the 100cc category is popular among Indian consumers, in motorbikes. With Honda Shine 100 new model , Honda is a new entrant of sorts in the 100cc segment. Hero Honda bikes used to be popular earlier in the 100cc category when Hero and Honda used to be the two companies in partnership for making bikes for Indian consumers.

The 100cc category is more or less an unexplored territory for the Japanese manufacturer. But, Honda Shine 100 is going to be a great bike. Let’s go through this article to know more about what it is all about.

The buzz among consumers is high regarding Honda Shine 100

Honda Shine 100 is the little sibling of the Honda Shine 125, which is already popular in India. But does it have what it takes to top the competition?

The road infrastructure in India improves all the time, and 2-wheelers keep popular – their affordability being one of the core reasons for the same. 

The purpose of a bike, from an Indian consumer’s viewpoint, could be to navigate city roads or maneuver rural roads. In either case, the consumer will prefer that he gets the maximum value from his hard-earned money invested in his bike.

India is the world’s largest 2-wheeler market. The Indian consumer several minds compromising with power. But they are looking for a vehicle that is value for money. If the bike’s mileage is good, the bike has to be good.

Where does Honda Shine 100 stand in the competitive 100cc landscape?

Honda Shine 100 looks great and the design bears a close resemblance to the Shine 125, which is also one of Honda’s top-selling bikes. Top design features include a sleek muffler, bold tail lamp design, and all-black alloy wheels.

With Shine 100 being an entry-level bike, the features are all reasonably basic. The list covers tail light units, halogen headlights, and a dual analog instrument cluster. The side stand has an engine inhabitor, so the bike won’t start when the side stand is down.

Chrome elements towards the side add a premium feel to Shine 100. Shine 100 is available in five attractive color options, all with a black background.

The bike features a 4-speed gearbox. Powered by an OBD2-compliant 100cc engine, it delivers around 8 Nm of torque and 7.2 bhp of power. It’s a low-emission bike with good fuel efficiency.

Test riding Shine 100 shows that it has a decent performance. The torque generated makes it an attractive alternative for most ride settings. Dual shocks in the rear and a telescopic suspension setup in front keep the ride smooth and comfortable.

Most readers will find it hard to believe that despite the advanced features of Shine 100, the bike weighs just 99 kg! Maneuvering the bike through heavy traffic conditions and congested streets is also easy. Shine 100’s CBS (Combined Braking System) ensures safety, irrespective of whether one ride at low speeds or high. Similarly, the ground clearance of Shine 100 makes it stand out in the entire 100cc category.

Honda Shine 100 Pricing information

Shine 100 comes in just a single variant as of current, priced at Rs 64,990 (ex-showroom). This is a unique case because each of the Shine 100’s rivals in the 100cc category has put forth at least two to three variants in the category.

Overall, for superior ground clearance, Honda Shine 100 new model is priced below each of its rivals in the 100cc category.

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