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Google Bard Vs. OpenAI ChatGPT: How do they level up?

Google Bard Vs. OpenAI ChatGPT: How Do They Level Up?

Google Bard Vs. OpenAI ChatGPT

The corporate industry is competitive, and we have all heard of cola wars ongoing for nearly a century. This sheer competitiveness spans all corners of the business world. We can take Bard Vs. OpenAI ChatGPT, for instance.

Currently, AI chatbots are at war with one another for the battle of supremacy, and the top among them are Google Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It is noteworthy that Microsoft is one of the most prominent investors in OpenAI.

Let us go through this article to understand the differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard and how the two measure up against one another.

How does Google Bard compare against ChatGPT?

Just as in the case of ChatGPT, Google Bard is also free. But Google is the more succulent alternative with feature-rich tools such as Workspace and Search. The features made available by Google Bard keep unmatched by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 in India and became popular almost instantly. But now, its competitor, Google Bard, has also been launched in India. It is likely that this factor will influence ChatGPT’s market growth.

Bard is a late attendant for the party but has performed well to date.

Factors that give Bard an edge over ChatGPT

1.     Real-time internet access with Bard

To ensure that ChatGPT responds suitably to prompts, it has been trained over extensive datasets. But, the internet is also an important source of information for ChatGPT.

Now, when we focus on Google Bard, we see that upon receiving a prompt, it instantly furnishes up-to-date information. These results are derived via internet searches over Google. This real-time internet search feature makes Google Bard more useful for various purposes, such as conducting research.

The dependence on pre-defined datasets is more in the case of ChatGPT.

2.     Bard accepts voice commands.

In the case of Google Bard, a microphone option is available towards the search bar’s right corner, where one types prompts. This feature is yet to be made available by ChatGPT.

When ChatGPT was asked if it accepts voice commands, it recommended using speech-to-text software for interacting with it.

To date, OpenAI is yet to share any updates on whether they are planning this functionality for ChatGPT in the future.

3.     Responses can be exported when users use Bard

A user can export these responses to varied platforms. Two options are available for a user at this time, ‘Export to Docs’ and ‘Draft in Gmail.’

No such feature is in the offering by ChatGPT. But, one does have a choice at copying and pasting.

4.     Bard summarizes web pages for users

If a user shares the prompt “summarise this website [URL],” Bard will instantly summarize the webpage for you briefly. ChatGPT, on the other hand, has no access to external websites, as it reported in response to a prompt placed by a user. Access to specific articles is also missing.

ChatGPT specifies that it shares responses based on its pre-existing knowledge that it was trained on up to September 2021.


With reference to Google Bard Vs. OpenAI ChatGPT, we live in times of healthy competition among AI chatbots. It will be interesting to note how the two chatbots shape up over the years and what sort of market traction they gain.

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