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Read on to know how to make extra money with a full-time job

Read on to know how to make extra money with a full-time job

In April 2023, inflation in India stood at 4.7%, as specified by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Now, the deeper matter is that only a limited number of services and products are bought under consideration in this regard. This figure is by no means reflective of all expenses that people have. But when considering how to make extra money with a full-time job, we have some great resources lined up for you in this article.

Just as an instance, when we take urban areas into consideration, the rents increase every day. In case you come to feel that your income is lagging in terms of meeting these expenses, you should be taking a look at alternate sources of income.

Defining side income or passive income

Passive income is the money that you make without working actively. In general, for generating a passive income, you leverage your pre-existing skills and no prior investment is called for to generate a passive income.

The key advantage that passive income brings is flexibility and financial freedom because in this case, regular income is replaced or supplemented.

If you have recently been wondering about how to make extra money with a full-time job, it is a matter that calls for some meticulous research. This will help you figure out the right sort of opportunities.

When wondering how to make money from home, the bid could be time-consuming and may call for the input of a reasonable bit of effort. But, it could be rewarding on the financial and personal fronts.

how to make extra money with a full-time job

1.     Moonlighting could earn you a handsome side income

Moonlighting implies that one works on side gigs or holds an additional job besides having one’s regular job. The concept was very much in focus in the years gone by, and several CEOs took a stance, either for it or against it.

Moonlighting brings financial benefits with it, or could, at times be an outlet for one’s creativity. However, one has to make sure that moonlighting is not in violation of any agreements and does not clash with one’s main job.

Before starting with moonlighting, it is recommended to check your company’s official stance on the same.

Among the top examples of moonlighting are:

  • Coding classes for aspiring programmers
  • Consulting for organizations in the form of audits, writing, and research
  • One could get into paid partnerships by virtue of being a digital creator. This could bring for one opportunity to promote events or brands on Instagram or YouTube.

2.     Signing up on a ride-sharing service could earn you additional money

In case you commute every day, you could make additional money by picking up passengers on the way under a ride-sharing arrangement. Quick Ride is one of the apps that manage these services.

3.     Starting a small home business

If you intend to start a home business, the top alternatives available at your disposal will be organic farming, making homemade products, catering, or freelance writing. You should ideally be going for something that you are good at or something that you enjoy. Your idea will work best if the work is the kind that can be comfortably done from home, and that’s how to make money from home.

4.     Give classes or tuition at home

In India, giving tuition to students is a fine way of making money. You could be teaching subjects such as Arts, Science, Math, or English. Alternatively, you may choose to become a certified instructor in swimming, fitness, or, yoga. If you are good at what you do, then over time, you might end up making a career in one of these fields. This one’s a great way how to make money from home.

5.     Rent out your additional bedroom or house

If there is any space at your residence that you do not actively use, then it will be a fine idea to rent out the space on Airbnb. This could be a fine way to supplement your current income.

6.     You could write a novel or a book

It is difficult to speak otherwise. Writing a book is a life-changing experience, nothing less. It is one of those works where you get a chance to share your values with a wider audience. In the process of maturing as an author, you earn credibility. Exciting new opportunities for collaboration are sure to follow. The response to how to make money from home doesn’t get any simpler!

7.     Sell your creations online

You could be selling stuff online if you have access to the inventory. Several platforms, including Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay are going to support you in your ventures. Listing your products here is easy, and the platforms are going to manage everything, ranging from shipping to payments.

8.     Tap your influence on social media

If you intend to be a content creator or an influencer, the right way to go about it is to first choose your niche and then persistently create awesome content. When you will engage with your audiences, you will collaborate with other influencers as well. This will give you a chance to promote your content across different platforms. Relevant hashtags will let you reach out to even more people.

9.     Teach an online course

When we consider online learning platforms such as Skillshare, Coursera, and Udemy, they offer masterclasses on a host of topics. The topics often include legal advice, analytics, coding, graphic design, and copywriting. Professionals who share their expertise to earn a passive income create these courses.

So, if you choose to create an online course, you’d earn a passive income and help others improve as well.


In this article, we have shared several tips. You may feel that a few of the points mentioned are easier said than done. It may even be possible that cultivating business ideas and bringing them to a point of success takes years at a stretch in some cases.

The core purpose of earning a passive income is to supplement your main income. By sowing the seeds when young, you’d have sufficient passive income to cover you later in life.

The sole purpose of writing this blog is to deliver an overview of a few of the top sources of side income that exist. We do not recommend any content of this blog to be taken as financial or career advice.

So, how to make extra money with a full-time job? Ideally, you should be enjoying what you do. It is a matter of time before money flows in.

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