Personal Voice: iPhone Feature Not In Android

iPhone’s new features now take personalization to an all-new level. Fifteen minutes of training will be all that it takes to teach iPhone to speak in your voice. This one’s an iPhone feature not in Android.

The announcement came on 16th May 2023, and an entire set of accessibility features were announced. The Personal Voice feature is included herein, and AI will replicate your voice in 15 minutes.

So, your smart device will interact in your voice if you own an iPhone or an iPad.

How will the Personal Voice feature work?

For the feature to work, your Apple device will first share prompts with you, and you’ll speak them out. These prompts are generated randomly.

Live Speech is another exciting feature that Apple will incorporate within its devices. Herein, a user will first type in a phrase and then save the ones that are commonly used. This way, the device can interact during in-person conversations, FaceTime, and phone calls.

Apple specifies the technologies in use for the Personal Voice feature

The Personal Voice feature will leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies, Apple specifies. Apple devices won’t be using any external sources. Instead, the voice will be created internally, keeping the data more private and secure.

Initially, one comes to feel that the feature is quirky. But, in reality, including this feature is an attempt towards the company’s latest drive, oriented towards bringing more accessibility for the users.

The Personal Voice feature is more than a fun feature. It becomes beneficial for the people in certain circles. Apple brings focus on conditions such as ALS. Herein, people could possibly lose their ability to speak.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, says that the best technology is technology built for everyone

It is easy to see that Apple is committed to the welfare of its device users. Let us consider the case of Philip Green, who is a board member at the Team Gleason nonprofit. Green’s voice had transformed drastically after his diagnosis with ALS.

In a press release released by the nonprofit, Green specified that he is delighted to tell his loved ones that he loves them in a voice that sounds like him.

Apple has a history of being a part of the AI voice market

Apple has a history of being a part of the AI voice market. For instance, an iPhone user will surely be familiar with Siri. Siri leverages Machine Learning technology to understand what a user is saying.

Apple’s passion for the voice market dates back to 1984. Steve Jobs wanted Apple Mackintosh 128K to say “Hello” when it was unveiled back then. It is noteworthy that this used to be an advanced technology when we consider the concerned time phase.

In 2011, when a biopic was created about the Apple founder, this point was highlighted in the plot and made the movie more dramatic.

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