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Dubai Adventure Activities Thrilling Extreme Sports in Dubai
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Dubai Adventure Activities Adventure Travel Activities in UAE Deserts

dubai adventure activities

Dubai Adventure Activities

Dubai is probably the best on the basis of tourism that includes man-made marvels and natural wonders. When you can get both the things on the plate what else do you want. That is the reason why Dubai Adventure Activities are so popular among the people all over the globe. Every year thousands of people visit Dubai to Experience The Desert. No other dessert is as famous as the one in Dubai. Dubai serves the best dry natural landscape in the world.

There are two types of tourists. One that likes to witness the thrill and then there are those who want to experience the thrill. If you are one of those, then there are so many things that you can do in the Desert of Dubai. Let’s find out some of the activities that you can do in the desert of Dubai.

The Desert Safari:

Experiencing the Dessert is once in a lifetime effort. Hence if you are on the tour to Dubai make sure you avail the desert Safari. It is a thrilling experience to sit in the back of the safari and witness the desert in its best form. The golden color will mesmerize you, and the never ending desert will remind you of the power of nature. You can also go for the front seat in a four wheel safari where you can feel the sand dunes. After the exhilarating ride, the next thing that waits for you is at the Bedouin Camp where traditional Arab cuisines being served.

Dubai is an important destination in the subcontinent. Dubai has some of the most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in the world, and the Bedouin Camp is one of the top destinations. And the number of tourists to the land every year is overwhelming. The necessity for hotels to accommodate people visiting the island for business or leisure is growing with each passing time. And therefore it is also becoming more competitive and challenging for the Bedouin Camps to provide quality to their customers.

Quad Biking:

When it comes to the most famous dune in the world than the one name that is always mentioned in every magazines or documentary is the Big Red. This is where you can hop a quad bike and explore the sandy heaven for yourself. We all know how amazing these quad bikes are.They are heavy, and they are swift. You can hire these bikes for half an hour which is enough to pump your adrenaline.

Exploring the sandy dunes will be the one experience that you will never forget in your life and at the same time reaching the Big Red or Al Hamar as it is known locally is equally thrilling. Some so many people come to this place every year just to witness these golden sands and the Quad Biking Experience.

The Big Red in Dubai is one of the most iconic marvels in the business and has been quite popular among the customers for providing excellent service. As Dubai is a very famous tourist place in the East, it is also a profitable business for hotels and camps that give Shelter and Food to the visitors. People from all over the globe visit to Dubai all rounds of the year for trips and vacations and they carry some expectation with them once they reach Dubai and Quad Biking fulfills their expectation. These sessions are successful in fulfilling their expectation with their comforting and reasonable price service to the clients.


If you are in Dubai and if you miss sand boarding then you are missing a very valuable and exciting experience. There are many tourists that come to this place for Sandboarding experience. There are Dubai Adventure Activities planets of places where you can go for sand boarding. The big Red is one of those locations. There are also many other places that allow you to wear the straps and test your adrenaline flow. You can actually rent a sandboard and go for the ski experience. There are also several companies that provide the tourists with the packages. There are packages that start with Hummer safari and ends with snowboarding.

The Mercedes G-Wagon Safari:

This can easily be called the royal safari where Mercedes G-wagon provides you the utmost luxury. With the Grand ride, you can go to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and witness the Arabian Oryx which is a very rare sighting in the other parts of the world. You can also go for the romantic dinner safari and what will be a better place than this one to go for your Honeymoon to This Location.

An Overnight Stays in the Desert:

After experiencing Dubai Adventure Activities and all these tiring safaris and activities, you don’t want to leave the place so soon and hence go for the luxury tented-style villas where you can rest and eat some of the best dishes in this locality. Several resorts provide with your Private Infinity Pool. This is the ultimate place for you to relax after the day’s hard activities. The villas also avail you some of the natural oases which are also a very rare sighting in the other part of the world.


Dubai is a door towards the tourism of the UAE is one of its biggest states. Thousands of people from all over the world visit to Dubai for a variety of reasons. With cold winters and hot summers, during Dubai Adventure Activities Dubai provides a suitable place for tourists all-around the year. Resorts and villas in Dubai are very easily available and can be booked at a reasonable price. These hotels provide various services for its customers. These places are the backbone of the country’s tourism industry and the economy. As the luxury of these hotels directly impacts the tourism sector.


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