Akshay Kumar Reveals He was Molested During Childhood Days

Akshay Kumar Reveals He was Molested During Childhood Days

Bollywood silver screen seems to be stained in disgrace and humiliation. Many superstars have become beggars and homeless after a sudden financial crunch. Few of them have even committed suicide to avoid criticism. Check histories of classic actor A.K. Hangal, Parveen Bapi, and many young actresses like Divya Bharati. Their personal and professional careers were disturbed. Recently, a devastating news headline seems to crash billion dollars worth Bollywood Foundation regarding the revelation of sexual abuse happened to a top hot celebrity named Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar Reveals He Was Molested During Childhood Days He exposed himself in public. It is a tragic recap but people should learn how to steer clear of such misdeed in future. How Akshay Kumar Molested as Child?

Akshay Kumar Reveals He was Molested During Childhood Days

Akshay Kumar Reveals He was Molested During Childhood Days

Akshay Kumar Revealed Sad Story of Sexual Assault When He Was Child

In front of hundred photographers, journalists and spokespersons of Bollywood industry, Akshay Kumar, Bollywood actor, found himself in deep frustration while relaying his sad story. According to him, someone dared to misuse him during his childhood days. Akshay Kumar Molested as Child and seduced by a lift operator who didn’t hesitate to touch sensitive part of his body.  It was not ethical to behave with a young child inappropriately. This high profile actor feels ashamed when he reveals the unforgettable story. Frankly speaking, dozens of cumbersome incidents occur in nooks and corners of Bollywood film industry. Sexual molestation, forceful seduction and exploitation should not be encouraged. However, gradually, this type of inhuman and baseless incident makes innocent persons worried. “Indian Journal of Psychiatry” conducted a comprehensive survey to track incidents of sexual abuse on children in India. This study shows that one in a group of five children has been found bearing inexplicable sexual harassment in a clandestine manner. Culprits exploited these victims secretly. This important survey also confirmed that even half of a total number of children in India has had caustic sexual harassment experience. However, only 48000 cases (between 2001 and 2011) have been registered so far for a police investigation. So, it is a mishap. Akshay Kumar is not an exception as he has had to suppress this unbearable sexual assault to keep his social status unhurt. Akshay Kumar Molested During Childhood, However, right now, he is bold and maverick to divulge the untold pain and misery.

Akshay Kumar Reveals He was Molested During Childhood Days

Stop Child Molestation


Sexual Harassment and Molestation Becoming Global Concern

Frankly speaking, the episode of Julian Assange, the co-founder of Wiki Leaks, was tracked to rape young Swedish female journalists in Sweden. This Australian journalist came to media spotlight after leaking White House scandal over the release of confidential classified emails/cables to a Russian spy. He is an eminent journalist but he misbehaved with cute Swedish ladies in a hotel.  Therefore, sexual assault, rape and seduction incidents have become a global concern. World Vision India, a separate organization, conducted an important survey on children. Research unfurled that over 45000 children falling age groups between12-18 were brought under the survey to record their previous experiences. This survey report traced 1 in every 2 children as a victim to have the brunt of sexual molestation/exploitation/unlawful sodomy. Catholic churches in Australia can be set for examples to the young generation. It has been reported that major Catholic churches in Brisbane and other cities in Australia are now dens for wicked bishops who compel young boys and girls for wild sexual intercourse, painful sodomy, and molestation. Similar incidents of rape occur in many advanced countries.

Akshay Kumar is not Superman to resist such crime. His fictitious image in Bollywood movies seems to be blurred after the ramification of his subjection to injustice. This Bollywood actor described how a young woman was wildly molested at a local healthcare clinic during the medical check-up. She told her mother about the entire tragic story. Her mother didn’t give moral support to her. She was forced to hide the secret. Whether he is a senior relative or neighbor, it is not apropos for him to indulge unlawful brutal sexual torturing in a barbaric way. People need to be educated to have a good conscience. The moral high ground of people must be revived to stop such idiosyncrasy.

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