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Top 7 Fashion Movements for the Women to Adhere in 2017
Fashion & Beauty

Top 7 Fashion Movements for the Women to Adhere in 2017

top 7 fashion movements

Top 7 Fashion Movements

In today’s world, the fashion is not meant just for runway models and Hollywood Celebrities. The press has revealed normal people to a world of fashion. Internet, newspapers, Television and other means of the communication have revealed people to ever-changing fashion progression, getting upgraded in all season. The women from all walk of rival the designs by the top-notch designers. As all, you know that the fashion trends changes with each and every season of the year.  Here the latest and popular Top 7 Fashion Movements wearable fashion progression for women.


Shirt-Dresses are one of the perfect styles to pick from summer/spring collection on this year. The Long shirt, which beat the stands a few years ago, already have become classic. But, this summer/spring season, the designs have reimagined a shirt-dress with a different variety of cuts and quirks. Mandarin-Collar, asymmetric hemlines, button-downs, double high slits, drop waist: Be ready to jump upon an adventure and experiment with any type of look to match your personality as that you play with this latest fashion trends for the women.

top 7 fashion movements

Shirt-Dresses Culottes Long Vests Sporty


  • Culottes:

The Culottes are delicate, especially with length. Falling somewhere between the full-on flare, and a boot cut, has evolved from the last season’s raw denim, and embroidered variants or double-tone variants to almost-trousers with the broad legs this pre-fall season the length is hemmed between a lower calf and upper ankle. Apart from an ankle-grazing length, more well-known length is also going hot. This will look better teamed with the taller leather boots, significantly taming a style.

  • Long Vests:

In long vest, the fashion designers are playing around with some main reasons, so it is the best for a pre-fall season, specifically because the pre-fall is a season for the outerwear that you had been so excited about. Possibly for a 70’s blazers and jackets, long vests have the slimming effect on the body, especially when left unbuttoned.

  • Sporty Look:

Add a cool quotient to the winter with an athletic progression, old-school approach to the styling that is making a comeback in moderate temperatures this winter/autumn season. Classic touches like a tennis skirt, go-faster stripes, plimsolls, gym shorts, leather leggings can really jazz up a look in the fresh, splashy type of way. A sporty design can offer the nice fit, and offer best body shape. The racer backs are in, but the polo neck is one of leading fashion progression for women.

  • Gypset:

The Gypsy-inspired looks will meet a glamorous jet set styling, and thus you have gypsies, distinguished by the bold patterns, the opulence of the bohemianism and orientalism. Gypsies is one of the largest fashion progressions for women and it is totally most wearable. Gypsy is the fun and enjoyable cruise line, Beginning in 70’s. Layered tunics along with the Aladdin pants, bold floral patterns, and oriental-inspired accessories, will jazz up look.

  • Truckler Jackets:

While you are planning to add something to clothes that you can reach in for, any time of year, a truckler jacket is the must-have on this year. A denim jacket is best when there is an onset of a slight nip in the air, and is just as best when worn under the layer, creating the fashion statement. You can opt for any on this fashion trend. Just team it with khakis or slim jeans, wear it with the unbuttoned on the loose tee.  The trucker jackets are super-versatile and absolutely essential to complete clothes.

  • Saree: with the twist:

An ethnic India wear are just not for Indian anymore. in  Top 7 Fashion Movements Wear the saree with the modern twist and you must drape it like the gown. Then show off the curves in styles that are rocking a ramp or bringing back an old modern style of the Mumtaz. If it is not enough then throw in the blazer, the crop top, the tube or anything that will catch your fancy, in the place of the boring old blouse, and add the whole new, quirky dimension to traditional.

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