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Hollywood Movie- The Dark Tower Movie Review, Cast And Action

Hollywood Movie- The Dark Tower Review, Cast And Action

The Dark Tower Movie Review

The release of ‘The Dark Tower’ has not surprised hardcore action movie viewers who have spoken in a passive way. The quality of screenshots, dialogues, and gun moving to fight with Man in Black to protect the gigantic tower are not praiseworthy.Movie critics and journalists have posted their comments and reviews on the internet. According to The Dark Tower Movie Review, They are not extremely satisfied as this movie is not bold to bring million dollars to the producer.

The Dark Tower Movie Review

The Dark Tower Movie Review

The Dark Tower Movie Review, Directed by Arcel –Not Excellent

NikolajArcel has chosen fantastic popular story composed by Stephen King to make his movie. However, he seems to have failed to feel the heart beats of fans who want a more dashing presentation with high-quality dialogues to create the majestic ambiance.Dark Tower is a 90-minute duration Hollywood movie in English. The Dark Tower Cast is Roland Deschain who is a special gun shooter who has the dream of removing evil or wicked person named Man in Black for the sake of safeguarding the world from destruction.This tower is sky kissing foundation to hold the universe tight. The whole story is long and exhaustive for the audience. Lengthy speeches, cumbersome presentation of characters with dull cinematic display must not heat up teens to stay over an hour to see a bad movie. It is a semi-epic story. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey tries to keep their esteem high but viewers didn’t-remark well. Tom Taylor has not showcased his caliber due to want of time to relay as a prophet. Jake relays the series of adventure. However, he is not given chance to stay till the last episode of the story. So, it is a de-link to make the movie funny.

The Dark Tower Movie Review

The Dark Tower Movie Review

Dark Tower Faces Bad Criticism

Movie reviewers are displeased with the style of writing scripts. Arcel took the support from Akiva Goldsman, Anders Thomas Jensen, and Jeff Pinkner to pack up The Dark Tower Story. However, lackluster and dullness in throwing speeches must discourage people to go back to buy tickets for watching the film. Though Arcel didn’t leave any stone unturned to bring Western mystery to paint the story in glossy colors of a thrill as well as adventure, he had no alternative to escape from criticism. He couldn’t illustrate characters in artistic ethos. Dark Tower has the dearth of rhythm. It is properly tailored on a velvety texture. From beginning to the ending, there are irrelevant violence, gun shooting, jumping, and wrestling.Guys are not energetic to track Roland, a gunslinger.His promptness is not alluring as he hesitates to fire his gun when the man in Dark is challenging. Inappropriate postures and action are not acceptable to college goers who need compact character presentation.The movie ends abruptly without space to the audience to guess.Plot construction is not good and background sound is harsh sometimes.

According to The Dark Tower Movie Review, It is not a successful movie like Last release Animation Movie The Emoji Movie but it keeps young dudes sitting hopelessly to monitor the cool Roland in facing the music like James Bond. People are not giving good credits to this movie. It can’t be a competitive film to bring Oscarin the commercial stream.


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