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Pushpa – The Rule Trailer Released On 7th April 2023

Pushpa – The Rule Trailer Released On 7th April 2023

Pushpa 2 The Rule
Pushpa 2 The Rule

This one’s a great and exciting piece of news for all the Pushpa and Srivalli fans – Jhukega Nahi! After enjoying Pushpa’s heroics and woodcutting skills in Pushpa-The Rise, fans of Tollywood will get to enjoy the trailer of Pushpa 2 The Rule. The trailer was officially released on 7th April 2023. It induces more anticipation about the next part of the Pushpa franchise, which is probably going to be a two-movie franchise, as per the reports received to date. Expect to keep getting thrilled by the thrills after Pushpa takes a further deeper spot in our hearts and minds.

Police In Search Of Pushpa in Pushpa – The Rule

Pushpa did establish his kingdom in Pushpa – The Rise. But, the trailer of Pushpa – The Rule shows us that police are now on the hunt for Pushpa. This is even as the masses come out in his unconditional support. Police find Pushpa’s shirt in the jungles, where they are hunting for him with patrol dogs. The shirt is ridden with eight bullet marks. Is Pushpa still alive? Is he bulletproof?

Then CCTV footage comes up which shows a tiger taking two steps back as Pushpa emerges before him. When a tiger takes two steps back, it means Pushpa is around. Pushpa is the hero of the masses, and going by what the trailer of Pushpa – The Rule shows, the second part is going to be a super duper hit. It may surpass the success of part 1, which is already listed at the top in all-time greatest hits of Indian cinema. If you catch the trailer, you can’t miss the movie.

The Rivalry Has Just Begun

Pushpa – The Rise introduced us to the rivalry between Pushpa and the high-headed police officer, SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, played by Fahad Fazal. The introduction to the rivalry in the final stages of the movie left the audience thrilled to no end. How will Shekhawat take revenge and level scores? Is he able to deter Pushpa from his plans? How does Pushpa get the better of Shekhawat? To know the answers to all these questions and more, watch Pushpa 2 The Rule upon its release, and enjoy the great music score as well. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer of Pushpa – The Rule which we present for you.

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