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What Will Be iPhone 15 Price In India?

What Will Be iPhone 15 Price In India?

iPhone 15 price in India

The popularity of Apple’s iPhones is unquestionable. In fact, iPhone was the first smartphone to hit the retail shelves. Smartphones by every other company then followed suit. Read on to find out more about iPhone 15 price in India.

Apple was the pioneer in smartphone technology and stays so to date. Several versions of the iPhone have been released to date, each better than the prior. Apple puts in incessant efforts to enhance its smartphone technology, which enhances the customer experience with each subsequent iPhone version that is released.

iPhone 15 is to be released soon!

In this blog post, we got some great news for you. iPhone 15 will soon be released. This article is a short review of the iPhone 15, its fresh features, and all that we can expect from it.

It has been six months now since iPhone 14 was released. So, technically, iPhone 15 should be released in the next six months. A report from mid-January, 2023 has shown us that currently, iPhone 15 is under trial production in China and Foxconn. This delivers sufficient time for Apple to smooth out any rough edges before they release the final product, iPhone 15, in the September – November window as they do each year.

What will be iPhone 15 price in India?

As per the reports received to date, iPhone 15 price in India will be in the line of Rs. 77,990. Another piece of good news for Apple fanatics in India is that Apple now has two dedicated Apple stores in India, one in Delhi and the other in Mumbai.

How different will iPhone 15 be from prior iPhone models?

  • iPhone has had more or less the same design since iPhone 12 was released. iPhone 15 will have a slightly different design and will be curvier as compared to the earlier models. The edge transition to the camera bump from the back will be beautiful.
  • Another interesting development will be that the size of camera lenses will be double, as compared to how it used to be in iPhone 14. A new periscope zoom lens is another possibility.
  • The bezels of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be exceptionally thin.
  • Dynamic Island technology will be available for the entire iPhone 15 range. The technology was made available only for iPhone 14 Pro Max phones earlier.
  • Always on display and Pro Motion will, however, be features limited to the Pro models in iPhone 15.
  • iPhone 15 will see Apple make the long-awaited switch to USB-C
  • The next-gen A17 Bionic is likely to be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max/Ultra models. This will induce a 35% power efficiency improvement, as compared to the existing A16 chip.
  • In the US, iPhone 14 adorned the eSIM-only approach and lost its SIM tray. iPhone 15 will now lose its SIM tray in the UK.

Should I upgrade to iPhone 15?

If the six-month wait does not cause any problems, iPhone 15 is worth the wait. iPhone 15 price in India is pretty much on the expected lines.

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