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How to end a relationship that is not going anywhere
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How To End A Relationship That Is Not Going Anywhere

Ending a relationship is always heartbreak. Empathy is called for in such situations, but there have to be some caps over the same. If you feel that the element of toxicity that has crept into a relationship has become overwhelming, you’d want to choose your path. You’ll want the closure to be healthy as well if the relationship is healthy. If you end the relationship healthily, you’d be sure that you did what you could to create a healthy environment to keep your partner and yourself secure. These matters are important for mental health to sustain itself. If you have recently been wondering how to end a relationship that is not going anywhere, this article will share some important tips.

How to end a relationship that is not going anywhere

1.      Avoidance

It becomes important to recognize the point in time when the relationship reaches a dead end. So, you may want to finish the relationship then and there because stretching it might lead to further disruption.

2.      Response

Ending a relationship is a serious matter which needs to be conveyed right, and your partner is unlikely to take it nicely. So, for your part, be very gentle and anticipate your partner’s emotional response in advance.

3.      Defenses

To keep the ending healthy, it is best to refrain from playing the blame game when ending a relationship. It’s better to move on quietly.

4.      Preparation

It is best to not randomly drop hints regarding a breakup and expect your partner to understand. Instead, there has to be clarity in the language even as you speak very calmly. Take the decision then.

5.      Honesty

The partners should be transparent regarding the factors that led to the breakup. Do not refrain from taking responsibility for your mistakes.

6.      Empathy

Being empathetic will ensure that your partner sees your decision in a positive light.


Consider ways how to end a relationship that is not going anywhere. A healthy end to a relationship is a guarantee of a happier life ahead. Try to go about it right.

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