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How to do Eye Makeup Tips
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How to do Eye Makeup Tips

how to do eye make-up

How to do Eye Makeup With These Glamour Eye Makeup Tips:

Eye makeup is an important part of the whole make-up of face. It is mostly used to make your eyes highlighted and attractive at parties. This is a common issue among females how to do eye makeup at home. Here you will get a good knowledge of a simple process to do eye makeup and give a rocking look to your eyes.

Just keep these simple tips in your mind to make your eyes glamorous and gorgeous.


how to do eye make-up

You Can Never Miss Out These Simple Eye Make-Up Tips

The process of applying Eye-Makeup

If you are going for a night out party it is important to give your eyes a striking look. It is possible once you do right eye-make-up.To apply eye makeup first you have wash your face and apply moisturizer and foundation, put concealer on your blemish and under eye area. After this just apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. It is most important part if you really want to learn how to do eye makeup in a simple way.

How to Do Natural Eye Makeup For Beginners:

  • Eyeliner Tips
  • Mascara Tips
  • Eyeshadow Tips
  • Eyebrow Tips
how to do eye make-up

You Can Never Miss Out These Simple Eye Make-Up Tips

Step-By-Step Eye Makeup Tips Tutorial: 

 Eye makeup is one of the most important steps in any makeup process. Here are simple tips to do natural eye makeup to give your eyes a bright look.

Step 1: Eyeliner Tips

 It doesn’t matter which kind of eyeliner you are using. The main thing is a process of applying it that gives your eyes an appealing look. It gives you the freedom to work in the shape of your eyes.

how to do eye make-up

You Can Never Miss Out These Simple Eye Make-Up Tips

Let’s take a quick look at some of the tips and techniques for this step.

  1. If you want to use winged eyeliner, use liquid eyeliner and look down slightly when you apply it. Draw a line that extends out and up past the outside corner of your eye.
  1. To make your eyelashes look heavier, apply the eyeliner, as close to the lash line as possible so it looks to be a part of your natural lash line. It is known as tight lining eye-makeup. Just connect the dots with a dotted line in the outer and inward corner of your eyes.
  1. If you are lining your eyes with eyeshadow instead of the liner, dip a small precision brush in some water and dab it in the color before starting. To make your eyeliner crumbling you can freeze it before sharpening it. First, make a line on your eyes with the help of pencil liner if you think your hands will not stable abundant. After this, you can trace over it along with liquid liner.
  1. If you want to give a bold look to your eyes. Just try some fun color eyeliners. According to your eye color, opt for more suitable colors to give a more elegant look of your eyes like brown shade. Now can apply mascara for a simple look.

Note: You have to look down when you apply eyeliner and don’t forget to tilt your face-up. It ensures you to achieve symmetry. This is the way to give a natural eye makeup look on your face.

how to do eye makeup

You Can Never Miss Out These Simple Eye Make-Up Tips

Step 2: Mascara Tips

Nothing beats mascara, which gives your eyes a diverse expression. Waterproof mascara gives your eyes special glance and a last long impression on your face.

 Here are some important tips to apply Mascara in easy steps-

  1. Curl your lashes before you use mascara and grip it strongly revolving.
  1. Always start applying your mascara from the roots of your lashes and wiggle your way to the tips. Place the brush at the base of the upper lash and move the wand outwards and upwards. Doing this instantly your lashes and does not Mascara down.
  1. Place your hands down when applying mascara on the bottom lashes. Put your hand down and lightly scrub the mascara against your lashes.
  1. Before applying, Wipe off excess mascara from the wand on a tissue. You will also avoid the horrid lashes look.
  1. Take the perfect coat of volume to your lashes. It helps that it adds a deep dark coat of color. After applying one coat of mascara, wait for about ten seconds to go in with a second coat (if needed).
  1. You have to stop pumping the wand during pulling it out the mascara. It keeps your mascara last longer on your eyes.

Note: In the process of simple eye makeup tips to get best results, mascara should be the last step of your eye makeup.

how to do eye makeup

You Can Never Miss Out These Simple Eye Make-Up Tips

Step 3: Eyeshadow Tips

Eyeshadow makes your eyes look larger and aids emphasize the color of your eyes. Eyeshadow gives dimension and adds depth to your eyes.

To know exactly how to apply eyeshadow, you must first have the right tools

  1. Use the brown eyeshadow from the palette on the eyelid. But make sure you take the product on your brush and dust of any excess before you apply it. So that you get the right amount of color and the look doesn’t seem overdone.
  2. If you want to learn how to do eye makeup about your eyeshadow to stay put all day and not crease beside wanting the eyeshadow color to really pop out – use a good primer.
  3. If you want to look more attractive just use white eyeliner first cover your eyelid. This gives you a confident look at the party and you can be tension free to concern about your eye makeup in the whole party.

how to do eye make-up

You Can Never Miss Out These Simple Eye Make-Up Tips

Step 4: Eyebrow Tips

  1. You have to keep the look while learning how to do eye makeup of your eyebrow as natural as possible. it is this is the main thing to keep remember while doing eye makeup. You can use eye gel to control your eyebrows and it keeps them in a place.
  1. The angled stiff brush would be best for your eyebrows. You just have to wet angled stiff brush when you fill brows with matte brown eyeshadow.
how to do eye makeup

You Can Never Miss Out These Simple Eye Make-Up Tips

how to do eye makeup of Smoky Eye Make-Up:

Now a day’s smoky eyes makeup is becoming a sophisticated large in parties. Your face can become dramatically if you use smoky eye make-up. And it can convert a simple girl into a stylish rocking girl. Of course, the right occasion and techniques are quite important for the Smoky eyes.

If you are a novice, we expect these how to do eye makeup eye makeup tips will definitely help you to make your eyes pretty. And if you are more profound, you have some more tricks up your sleeve.

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