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How To Understand Dating Myths And Reality

Is your search for The One still on? Dating struggles do one no good at such a juncture. If we believe in dating myths, finding true love becomes difficult. We need to differentiate between dating myths and reality.

Dating is a confusing term to think over as there are many complexities involved. When dating myths come into the picture, confusion scales a notch or two higher.

Opposites attract and playing hard to get are two of the most common myths associated with dating. In the real world, these myths sometimes fail to work.

So, when one is dedicated to these myths, frustration, and disappointments find a way in one’s life. It’s time that we took it upon ourselves to challenge the misconceptions that have been holding us back. We can learn to date afresh.

Even if you do not come across true love in this bid, your connections will be more meaningful. You’d come across the relationship that you seek.

Let’s together differentiate between dating myths and reality

1.     When you come across the right person, you’ll know it

The right person does not exist, but one has to keep searching. Confusion is a feature omnipresent in relationships, so keep your mind open. Immediate sparks are unlikely to fly. So, take time to find out who your partner really is. The connection that you create should be based on mutual respect and understanding.

2.     Wait to find the right person

Romantic movies and fairy tales highlight the importance of waiting for the right person. But we have to do away with the possibility of finding a soulmate. Imperfections and flaws will be there in all people and relationships. But this is what makes them unique.

3.     If the person is right, finding him will require no effort

When doing a reality check, we will come to realize that irrespective of the relationship that we perceive, it won’t thrive without mutual understanding, compromise, and effort. Taking relationships for granted risks losing the loving connection that you have with your partner.

So, fantasy has to go and reality has to make an entry. While the willingness to grow together is missing, a relationship will not thrive freely.

4.     Play hard to get

If you pretend that you do not care, it is not a fruitful approach in case you are really interested in a person. When you have feelings for someone, show them that you care. This is how intimacy is cultivated and so is mutual closeness. When you show interest in someone, the person will respond.

5.     Put forward your best self

Don’t discuss your achievements all the time because people are seeking a human touch. If you reveal your true self, your partner will take you as you are. So, you are the winner and not your distorted version.

6.     People who are unhappy alone will not find joy in a relationship

A relationship has an undeniable impact on how well we lead our lives. If the relationship is fulfilling, it scores remarkably better than being single.

7.     Talking can wait

If the matter is something that means a lot to you, don’t wait to discuss it. This will define your relationship! For talking, no time is bad. If you have finalized the goals of your relationship, discuss them at the next opportunity that you get. You could also monitor things to see how well things are going.

8.     Wait to text

Nowadays, no one waits to text, because waiting to text is old-fashioned. Instead, communication holds the key to success in a relationship. So, you should text frequently and regularly, keep the conversation on, and differentiate between dating myths and reality.

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