The Most Exciting Cricket World Cup Facts And Records

Fans in India and all across the world are waiting eagerly for the World Cup 2023 to happen. This will be the 13th edition of the men’s 50-over ICC Cricket World Cup. It is an event organized on a gala scale and brings out the best cricket performances to the fore. So, one can expect World Cup facts and records to be glorious.

Any achievement on the cricket field becomes memorable if it happens in the World Cup. These are unforgettable events in the history of the World Cup that are relished by the nations, in particular when their national team plays.

Pakistan won the CWC in 1992. But, when you ask an Indian cricket fan what happened in the 1992 World Cup, they will tell you that India beat Pakistan in a league match.

So, is the World Cup how you make it to be? I really don’t know. It is a deep psychological question. But, the stakes for winning the World Cup are always high.

The CWC 2023 will be hosted in India and Indian cricket fans are hoping that India wins the World Cup. Prayers and best wishes of millions of cricket fans in India are with the Indian senior men’s cricket team, which will compete in CWC 2023.

An interesting fact that I must share here. India A men’s cricket team captained by Ruturaj Gayakwad will be competing in the Asian games currently being held in Hangzhou, China. The schedules of the two events, CWC 2023 and Asian Games will overlap, so there will be no common players in either team.

We at Absfly extend our best wishes to both of India’s cricket teams competing on different platforms on the world stage, all at once! We hope that they both bring home glory, which will be the Gold Medal and the World Cup, respectively.

This is being written at the time when India’s women’s cricket team won Gold in Asian games, yesterday, beating Sri Lanka in the finals.

In this article, we will take a look at a few of the most interesting facts associated with the World Cup.

Interesting cricket World Cup facts and records

  1. England hosted the world’s first ICC men’s CWC in 1975. Surprisingly, ICC women’s CWC was hosted two years earlier, in 1973, and has taken place every four years since.

2. England has in total hosted four World Cups, and the subcontinent has hosted three.

3. Nolan Clark from the Netherlands is the oldest player to have played in a World Cup, which he did in the 1996 edition.

4. Gold and silver make the ICC trophy which is a couple of feet tall and has a globe towards the top.

5. The only player to have won a World Cup without playing a match is India’s Sunil Walson who won the 1983 World Cup.

6. Chetan Sharma from India is fondly called the World Cup Hat Trick man. He was the first player to have clean-bowled three batsmen in three balls.

7. Now when we consider World Cup captains who have lifted the trophy more than once, only two names will be there, West Indies’ Clive Lloyd and Australia’s Ricky Ponting. Lloyd lifted the World Cup in 75’ and 79’ while Ponting lifted the World Cup in 03’ and 07’.

8. Now, moving on to team scores, the highest is 433 which India scored versus Bermuda in 2007. The lowest is 36, which Canada scored versus Sri Lanka in 2003.

9. Across the history of the World Cup, Kepler Wessels is the only player to have represented two countries. He played for Australia in the 83 World Cup and South Africa in the 92 World Cup as the captain of the side. Wessels is from South Africa, but shifted base to Australia as South Africa was banned for their apartheid policies. Despite local outrage, Wessels was controversially named as South Africa’s captain for the 1992 World Cup.

10. At the time of the 2011 CWC final, the coin was tossed twice. Jeff Crowe was the match referee and at the first toss of the coin, he did not hear Kumar Sangakarra’s call.

          The result of the toss was heads and when Sangakarra was about to say that they would like to bat first, MS Dhoni said that he had heard tails as Sangakarra’s call. Crowe decided that the coin would go up again. This never affected the batting position of the teams, though. Sri Lanka did end up batting first.

In this post, we have shared a few of the most interesting cricket World Cup facts and records. If you found them to be interesting or have a few more to add to the list, please mention them in the comments section.

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