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Safety Check: iOS 16 hidden feature

Safety Check: iOS 16 Hidden Feature

With the Safety Check: iOS 16 hidden feature newly announced by Apple, anyone with crucial information on his phone can keep it from being misused.

When in a relationship, people tend to share everything with their partner. At times, they also do not refrain from sharing their bank account and password details.

But, it’s a hard fact of life that when relationships go haywire, people sometimes do not refrain from misusing their partners’ private information. This would be the information the two shared when their relationship used to lie in a happy phase.

The Safety Check feature introduced by Apple aims to put an end to such nasty issues

The Safety Check feature, introduced by Apple, is a safeguard against personal information being misused when in an abusive relationship. An emergency reset option characterizes this Safety Check feature.

By using the emergency reset option, a user can sign out of iCloud on each of their Apple devices.

Quickly review who has access to your data

Using the Safety Check feature, one can quickly review who has access to his personal data. iCloud is one example of this personal data.

This feature comes to be exceedingly valuable for anyone who is at risk on the behalf of intimate or domestic partner violence. One can quickly remove the access that had been granted to one’s partner.

Emergency reset option

An emergency reset option has also been incorporated into the Safety Check feature. By using this feature, a user can:

  • Instantly sign out of iCloud on each of one’s devices
  • Reset privacy permissions
  • Limit messaging only to the device that they hold

The underlying purpose of this feature is to ensure that the partner cannot take the user across too much harm. This is even if the partner uses the user’s device and knows his/her password.

Apple’s new safety features are well thought over

For coming up with the new features, Apple has worked in collaboration with a host of agencies that dedicatedly work for causes such as women’s upliftment and ending domestic violence. These agencies include Australia’s WESNET (Women’s Services Network), NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crime), and NNEDV (the National Network to End Domestic Violence). This helped Apple ensure that the Safety Check: iOS 16 hidden feature actually addresses the problems that people face.

iOS 16 will see a host of health features being incorporated

Apple now has a feature called Medications, which will also be available on Apple Watch. The app’s functionality keeps consistent across devices. The app reminds users to take their medications on time.

Using this feature, a user better manages the medications list, creates reminders and schedules, and tracks the intake of supplements, vitamins, or medications.

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