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Guide On How To Protect Your Hearing As A Worker
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Guide On How To Protect Your Hearing As A Worker

impact of hearing loss on quality of life

A five-year study shows that workers that are constantly exposed to excessive noise at the workplace are two to three times more likely to suffer from hearing damage than workers that aren’t exposed to the noise.

Excessive noise causes irreversible hearing damage that impact of hearing loss on quality of life. When you are suffering from hearing damage, you are at the risk of dementia, stress, hypertension, tinnitus, and psychiatric disorders.

Hearing loss also puts you at the risk of injury at the workplace as you can’t hear the machines or your coworkers. There is also the lack of awareness and reduced concentration at the workplace when you can’t hear properly.

The good news is that you can prevent hearing damage by wearing the right hearing protection.

impact of hearing loss on quality of life

Guide On How To Protect Your Hearing As A Worker

Which are the best hearing protection devices?

Two of the best hearing protection devices you can go for are earplugs and earmuffs.


These are small sized ear protection devices that fit and block the ear canal thus you block the noise coming from the workplace machines. They are made from a wide range of materials such as silicone, soft plastic, polyurethane, and PVC.

There are many hearing aid types and costs in the market you can go for. The most common ones being:

Disposable ear plugs: They are made from PU foam and for them to provide you with the protection you are looking for, you need to compress then insert them into your ear canal. Here they expand providing you with a seal against the annoying noise.

From their name, these are single-use pieces that you wear once then dispose of them. The good thing is that they are cheap; therefore, you can easily replace them.

Reusable ear plugs: They are pre-molded from washable silicone and when you wear them properly, they fit snugly. They come in corded and uncorded options and it’s up to you to choose the one that is right for you.

Banded earplugs: The most unique feature of the pieces is the ability to wear and remove them easily. Due to this feature, they are ideal for you when you are constantly in and out of noisy areas.

Metal detectable earplugs: They are often used in highly sensitive areas. They feature a metal tab in each plug and a metalized cord. The cord makes it easy to detect the earplugs when they accidentally fall into the industry processing lines.

The key to having a great experience with earplugs is buying the right size. you also should replace them at the right time. For example, when they start hardening and become uncomfortable to wear, it’s time to replace them.

impact of hearing loss on quality of life

Guide On How To Protect Your Hearing As A Worker


Also known as ear defenders, earmuffs feature hard plastic cups that fit tightly around your ears thus completely covering the outer ear. Earmuffs come in different sizes, designs, and colors. It’s up to you to choose the ones that are ideal for you. To know more about hearing aid price comparison, you can go through multiple authentic websites on the Internet.

What factors should you consider when buying hearing protection devices?

Do you feel that you need to protect your hearing when working? You need to buy the right hearing protection devices. For you to buy the right pieces you need to consider three important factors:

Hearing protection

This is the amount of protection that the units provide you with. In most cases, earplugs will provide you with a hearing protection of between 18 and 25 dB. Earmuffs often provide better noise protection.

If earmuffs are the way to go, you should note that there are some that work on their own, while others come with a radio that blocks the noise.


This is crucial especially if you will be working for long hours. The last thing you want when working are pieces that will be uncomfortable on your ears. When buying earplugs, buy those that are of the right size for your ear canals.

You also should pay close attention to the material used in making the earplugs. Some of the best material to go for is foam. This is best to escape from hearing loss effects on daily life.

When it comes to earmuffs, consider the padding and headband cushioning. Go for pieces with high-quality padding and headband cushioning as they will be comfortable for you to wear over the long haul.


The last thing to consider is how durable the pieces will be. You can’t talk much about the durability of earplugs as most of them won’t last for a long time due to the material used in making them. The good thing is that they are cheap thus you can easily replace them. You should make a research on hearing aid brands and prices, to make sure that you are buying the right product.

Earmuffs are more expensive thus it wouldn’t make sense having to buy new pieces every now and then. For the pieces to last for a long time, buy those that are made from tough, high-quality materials.

impact of hearing loss on quality of life

Guide On How To Protect Your Hearing As A Worker

Hearing Protection Maintenance

You should note that while you should go for durable pieces, how long they last depend on how well you take good care of them. When it comes to earplugs, pay close attention to how you handle them. As rule of thumb, always wash and dry your hands before you handle them.

You should clean the reusable silicone earplugs. The best way of cleaning them is using mild soap and water. When it comes to storage, store them in a case away from extreme heat and sunlight.

When it comes to earmuffs, pay close attention to how you store them. As rule of thumb, avoid storing them in areas where they can impact of hearing loss on quality of life and your other work tools.


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