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How to Start Business on Amazon Step By Step Process 2017 (Beginner’s Guide)

How much does it cost to sell on amazon

Everyone needs some extra money either he is a businessman or an employee. Getting some extra income apart from the fixed is an awesome feeling. If you need some extra money you may try some free source of income online. If you are businessmen and selling any product in the market then Amazon is the best platform to make your business on the next level. We will suggest you can sell your product on Amazon by simple tricks. Sometimes many people who already engaged in 9-5 job looking for such type of opportunity to make some money online. They can also try some products selling on Amazon without making any inventory itself. We will guide you how to sell on Amazon without your own products in the future articles. Today we are sharing info about how you can register yourself with Amazon to sell your product for a complete beginner.

How to Start Business on Amazon Step By Step Process 2017 (Beginner's Guide)

How to Start Business on Amazon Step By Step Process 2017 (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to launch your business on Amazon but don’t have any idea where to start? Do you want to become a verified seller of Amazon?  But know nothing about procedures of doing business on India’s largest e-com platform? Well, starting a business on Amazon and selling products online on Amazon is the easiest and the most convenient and inexpensive method of establishing your online entrepreneurship. As a verified seller on Amazon, you can easily create a free account, catalog your goods, and start trading them online. It not only helps to increase your overall sales and revenue but also makes you recognized to millions of Amazon users globally.

But the major problem is most people don’t know How to Start Business on Amazon. Well, we through this guide will help you understand the easiest steps to launch your business online on Amazon. And leverage the benefits of Amazon’s full-bodied distribution network and global customer base.

how to start business on amazon

How to Start Business on Amazon Step By Step Process 2017 (Beginner’s Guide)

Step-By-Step Guide to Start Business on Amazon

Step 1# Know FBA Business Model

FB A or Fulfilment by Amazon is the basic business model which helps sellers to launch their brand on the vast platform of Amazon. The FBA business model lets sellers take the benefits of Amazon’s vast distribution network and access to its vast customer base. Through this business model, Amazon takes complete responsibility of warehousing your products, fulfilling orders.  And providing professional customer service so that you can sit back relaxed.

Step 2# Create an Amazon Seller Account

To get your FBA business fire up and run, you need to have an Amazon seller account. For doing this, go to the website of Amazon, scroll down to the footer of the page, find “Make Money with Us.” option, click on “Sell on Amazon” link and register your account either as ‘Individual’ or as ‘Professional’. While the “Individual” accounts are not liable to pay a monthly subscription fee, the “Professional” account holders need to pay $39.99 per month added to selling charges.

Step 3# List Your Products 

Once you are done with account creation, you have to enlist your product and establish your private label on the platform of Amazon. For this go to “Inventory” located on the top of the page and tap on “Add Product”. Now Search your products either via barcode or product name and register them.

Step 4# Convert Your Products to FBA Items

By converting your registered products to Fulfilment by Amazon items. You can gain more prospects of the business and gain more trust of consumers. For conducting this operation, you need to go to – Inventory>>Manage Inventory>>Actions>>Change to Fulfilled by Amazon. You are done!

Step 5# Set Your Private Label & Shipping Plan

Once you complete the fourth step, you will be given two options –

  1. FBA Label Service
  2. Stickerless, Commingled Inventory
How to sell on amazon

How to Start Business on Amazon Step By Step Process 2017 (Beginner’s Guide)

Go for the first option if you want to set a private label on your products. Once you are done, choose your shipping policy and go to Inventory>>Manage FBA Shipments>>Continue with shipping plan for shipping your products to Amazon for FBA.

You are done! Now you can start selling your products on Amazon. Now you can find more details at or visit how to sell on Amazon for beginners.

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