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Haseena Parkar Dawood sister - Queen of Mumbai | 18th August 2017

Haseena Parkar Dawood sister – Queen of Mumbai

Haseena Parkar Dawood sister - Queen of Mumbai

The sister of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Haseena Parkar Dawood sister – Queen of Mumbai, Haseena’s biopic is all set to hit the big screen. The actress haseena shraddha Kapoor is all set to blast box office in the movie Haseena Parker movie Shraddha Kapoor which is been directed by Apoorva Lakhia. Shraddha Kapoor’s role and appearance in the movie is energetic and influence, which came to known by the promotions of the movie done so far. 1xbet arabic According to her, the role in this biopic was quite challenging. When the news agency of IANS questioned to express her experience for playing a role in a biopic at the age of 30, she simply described it in two words, i.e. Emotionally Challenging. In an event when the trailer of the movie was launched, she said that it was difficult for her to words her experience for the movie Haseena Parkar The Queen of Mumbai: Actress Shraddha Kapoor. The role offer to her in Haseena Parkar was much challenging and exciting too. العاب قمار بوكر The role to act like a strong person in Haseena’s biopic was a very emotionally challenging experience.

The actress Shraddha Kapoor also added that the reason behind being connected with the Haseena Parker movie 2017 was an interesting real-life story of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister, Haseena Parkar. She also stated IANS that when the script and story were narrated to her, challenges scared her. But the real life incidents of Haseena Parkar were so interesting in this movie. العاب تربح فلوس حقيقية This boosted her confidence to play for the huge strong character. She also loved the script and the story life of the film. قواعد لعبة الروليت بوكر حقيقي على النت

Haseena Parkar Dawood sister - Queen of Mumbai

Haseena Parkar Dawood sister – Queen of Mumbai

Also, the director of Haseena Parkar stated during the Haseena movie trailer launch that he wanted to approach Shraddha Kapoor for this role but few of them commented that she might not be interested in playing such role. Still, he met her because he feels that she is one of the talented actresses in the country.

Siddhanth Kapoor, brother of Shraddha Kapoor will be playing the role of Dawood Ibrahim in this movie. In the history of Bollywood, first-time real life sister and brother will be co-star together. كازينو الكويت Actors Ankur Bhatia and Sharman Joshi are also in the star cast of the movie Haseena Parkar.

The meet Haseena Parkar aka Shraddha Kapoor on the big screen on Haseena movie release date 18th August 2017.

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