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Why Do We Celebrate World Tourism Day 2023?

During the days of the pandemic, the tourism industry had achieved a low known only decades back when the aviation industry was not as popular as the present. However, with the lifting of COVID restrictions, the tourism industry is gathering momentum. This article discusses World Tourism Day 2023, its significance, and the day on which the event is celebrated.

The number of both, domestic and international travelers increases by the year and even more employees are absorbed in the tourism industry with each passing year. When we consider the case of India, the tourism industry plays an important role in the nation’s economy by generating revenue, promoting cultural exchange, and creating jobs.

The tourism industry is widespread and is available for travelers in different formats. As a prominent trend, tourists, through the current times seek widespread experiences. This is likely to include visits to vibrant cities, historical sites, and natural wonders.

Tourism also has an important role to play in the preservation of cultural heritage and environmental conservation. The tourism industry achieves the aforementioned by the protection of historical landmarks and natural resources.

Nevertheless, it has to be borne in mind that a few of the negative impacts of tourism are also possible. They include environmental degradation resulting from over-tourism.

The focus, hence, has to lie on sustainable tourism practices. Herein, economic benefits are balanced against environmental and social responsibility.

World Tourism Day

It is primarily to raise awareness of the matters discussed in earlier paragraphs that The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has established the World Tourism Day. This increases the awareness of tourism.

Across the world, World Tourism Day is one of the most important events celebrated for understanding the significance of tourism, alongside its economic, political, cultural, and social value. Another important purpose of celebrating World Tourism Day is to encourage people to travel, such that they get to learn about different cultures.

World Tourism Day 2023 date

Each year, World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September. This year, the event falls on Wednesday. On World Tourism Day, people from across the world take the opportunity to acknowledge the positive impact that the tourism industry has over the world. Awareness of the challenges faced by the tourism industry is enhanced.

World Tourism Day is an event wherein the beauty of our planet is celebrated, alongside our varied cultures and the remarkable experiences offered by traveling.

World Tourism Day 2023 Theme

For World Tourism Day 2023, the theme is “Tourism and Green Investments”. This theme has highlighted the need for more precisely targeted investments to be made in the tourism sector. This will not just create more jobs, but also safeguard the environment and make way for sustainable and inclusive development.

As per a statement issued by UNWTO, as more and precisely targeted investments are made in the tourism industry, it will bring prosperity and will be good for the planet as a whole. So beyond making traditional investments, governments from across the world and the concerned bodies should seek innovative solutions. This will pave the way for productivity and economic growth.

World Tourism Day 2023 host

For World Tourism Day 2023, the host country is Saudi Arabia. The official celebrations for World Tourism Day are to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 27th September 2023.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili has specified that for our societies or economies, tourism has never held more value. Across the years to come, the potential of the tourism industry is going to be enormous. With the arrival of this tourism day, we are celebrating the ability of the tourism industry to infuse growth. The need for investment is vital at this hour and it will make the tourism industry sustainable and inclusive.

World Tourism Day History

World Tourism Day was announced and established in 1979 and has been celebrated each year, from 1980 onward. The first one was in Spain. The headquarters of the World Tourism Organization is in Madrid, Spain.

It was during the third session of the UNWTO General Assembly in Torremolinos, Spain, in 1979 that the idea of dedicating a day to tourism was incepted. Then, on 27th September 1980; this was adopted as a global observance.

The date, 27th September, also bears a special significance in the history of tourism. It was the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on 27 September 1970.

Across the years gone by, World Tourism Day has come by as a platform wherein issues that counter the tourism industry are discussed. Every year, a new theme is selected for the yearly event. With the challenges being addressed, positive change is inspired.

These themes are variable and chosen meticulously. While issues associated with rural tourism are addressed, digital transformation is also discussed.

Overall, the themes come by as the reflection of the fast-transforming travel landscape.

Significance of World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day has immense significance in our lives. The event acts as a reminder of how the tourism industry withholds the power to bring about cultural exchange, economic growth, and more understanding across the countries in the world.

The promotion of responsible travel is another advantage that stems from World Tourism Day. It promotes responsible travel behavior and sustainable travel practices.

Even as World Tourism Day encourages the exploration of the world, it highlights preserving the cultural and natural treasures of the world for future generations.

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