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How to get free parking in Dubai?
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How To Get Free Parking In Dubai?

Parking could be troublesome when in Dubai. This becomes more so the case when a tourist is caught off-guard, unaware of the parking rules and zones. Such conditions make seeking free parking in Dubai stressful.

We have put together this guide to deliver ease to tourists when they navigate the parking zones of Dubai. Going through this guide aids a reader in understanding regulations. You’d also come across tips that will help you find free parking spaces. This keeps your trip hassle-free.

Dubai’s Parking Zones

In Dubai, the parking system is characterized by its different parking zones. Rules and charges of each zone are unique.

Paid Parking Zones

Paid parking zones are easy to find all across Dubai. Most of these zones are available in highly trafficked places, such as tourist spots, business districts, and malls.

When you intend to park your vehicle in a paid parking zone, you may choose to purchase a parking ticket. Alternatively, paying for your parking by using a mobile app (mParking or RTA Dubai) is also possible.

As per an announcement made on 28th March 2022, for 14 hours from Monday through to Saturday, parking in Dubai is going to be paid. This will be from 8 am to 10 pm. But on Sundays and public holidays, parking will be free. Parking time in Dubai is sometimes subject to the location.

Earlier, Fridays used to be free parking days. But this rule has been changed and now, on Fridays, one needs to pay for parking.

RTA has also announced free parking during the Eid Al Adha holidays in Dubai.

Free Parking in Dubai

In some residential zones, free parking in Dubai is made available for the benefit of commuters. This is primarily in Dubai’s less congested locations. Making a payment or buying a parking ticket won’t be required here, but time restrictions will need to be adhered to. One is also likely to come across designated parking spots for residents who hold parking permits.

Basic parking tips for your Dubai trip

This keeps parking in Dubai hassle-free and helps avoid paying fines.

1.      Stick to the time limits

Before you park your car at any parking site, try and make sure that you go through what the signage says. This will deliver for you a fair idea about the time limits that have been set for the paid parking zone. If you exceed these limits, you might have to pay a fine.

Setting a reminder on your phone will help keep track of time.

2.      Parking within the designated spaces is important

You should park your vehicle within the designated spaces. Parking beyond these spaces is reserved for residents, disabled people, or other specific user types. For any other users, parking beyond the designated spaces is likely to attract fines.

3.      Keep your parking ticket on display

When you use a parking ticket, try and ensure that it is visible on your dashboard. In case a parking inspector wants to see your confirmation SMS, you should keep it handy.

4.      Parking in prohibited areas is to be avoided

If an area is marked with yellow or red lines, do not park there. Similarly, it is recommendable to not park on sidewalks or before the entrances or exits to avoid attracting fines.

Tips that will help you find free parking spaces

This helps save money by avoiding paid parking zones.

1.      Time your visit to tally with off-peak hours

During off-peak hours, free parking spaces are more likely to be available. This phase generally appears in the late evenings and early mornings. The traffic footfall is lower at this time and so are the parked vehicles.

2.      Using a Parking App or GPS

RTA Dubai is one of the finest parking apps that help you locate a free parking space in the vicinity. You may choose to use GPS for the purpose as well.

3.      Utilize residential areas for parking

When visiting a popular site, you may choose to park in the residential areas close by. Free parking is more likely to be available here. However, you should, here, be following any parking restrictions that are in place for the residents. Refrain from blocking access points or driveways.


When in Dubai, understanding parking rules and having a fair idea about Dubai’s parking zones keeps your driving experience hassle-free. Tips mentioned to find free parking zones make it easy to park your car and enjoy your stay in Dubai.

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