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What is the best time to visit Goa with family?
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What Is The Best Time To Visit Goa With Family?


Goa has, over the years, achieved the distinction of being the go-to destination in India for truly entertaining holidays, even when on a budget. Visitors to Goa like everything about Goa, the food, sceneries, palm cloves, trekking treks, watersports, relaxing or volleyball on the beach, commutation options such as bicycling and scooters, nightlife, discs, and so on. So, what is the best time to visit Goa with family? The local artisan industry in Goa is inviting and the weather in Goa is always good.

Goa is the perfect amalgamation of fast-paced, buzzing nightlife and avenues for relaxation on the beaches. Tourist sites demarked by Portuguese architecture and shopping experiences, both souvenir shops and general add the icing to the cake. So, when in Goa, there is always a lot to see and do.

Let us take a look at the top drool-worthy destinations in Goa:

1. Cola Beach

Cola Beach is undoubtedly the most popular campsite in Goa. People visit the destination in large numbers for the serene views that it provides. One comes across Cola Beach in southern Goa; it is located amid lush green trees and sandy dunes. Top activities that one can indulge in when at the Cola beach include skiing, scuba diving, and fishing.

2. Anjuna Beach

When at Anjuna Beach, you expect to find hippie and bohemian culture in the perfect mix. The availability of many guesthouses brings ease to camping. The beaches are, indeed, very scenic. Electronic house music plays nearly all the time and a flea market is scheduled every Wednesday. One of the most common attractions around is St. Anthony’s Chapel, towards the beach’s northern side.

3. Goa Velha

Goa Velha is sometimes known as Old Goa as well. It is located near the Mandovi River towards Goa’s western side. With Goa-Velha being a former Portuguese capital, one comes across numerous old monuments from the colonial era. The top among them includes St. Francis Xavier’s remains, the Basilica of Bom, and St.Cajetan, inspired by Rome’s St. Peter’s Church.

4. Panaji

While being an exquisite camping site, Panaji is also Goa’s state capital. The key attractions here include Portuguese architecture and palm beaches close to the Arabian Sea in the Miramar region. Villas here are exquisitely colorful. Other top attractions include Planetarium, Science Center, and Kala Academy.

5. Calangute

Baga Beach at Calangute is a treat for a water sports junkie. Towards the south of Calangute, Aguada Fort lies and so does a lighthouse. Textiles and leather goods are easy to find at the market square.

Mid-November to mid-February is the best time to visit Goa with family as the weather stays cool and comfortable.

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