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Resolving the mouse double clicking problem over a single click – Absfly

Resolving the mouse double-clicking problem over a single click

mouse double-clicking problem
mouse double-clicking problem

Does your Windows mouse treat a single click as a double click? The mouse double clicking problem can be overcome without too much difficulty, and both, software and hardware fixes are available. 

When the mouse double clicks over Windows when a user does a single click, it seldom yields the desired results. Instead, problems of varied nature arise, such as two Chrome tabs opening when one intends to open one. Simple operations such as dragging files and clicking to select become difficult to conduct.

By going through this article, we’ll figure out the underlying cause of the problem and figure out the resolution methods. Applying these methods will enhance the online experience.

Check the mouse double clicking problem in setting:

The mouse may be double-clicking over a single click because a simple windows setting may have been enabled in error. So, the initial step in problem resolution is to check the double-click setting.

For the same, first, open a File Explorer window. Options will appear in the drop-down menu below the View tab. Right-click on Options.

A new window will now open which will have the General tab. The tab will have a click items as follows header.

Here, the default setting is Double-click to open an item (single-click to select). But, if you have selected Single-click to open an item (point to select), then a double click is not required to select items in File Explorer. 

Instead, when this setting is active, then a folder needs to be clicked just once to open it. For selecting a file or folder, a user merely needs to hover over it using the cursor.

This setting is useful for reducing the number of total clicks made in a day. But, if the default behavior of the mouse is a habit, the setting merely adds to the confusion. 

Another trait of this setting is that the user thinks that the mouse is double clicking when he does a single click. But, this is entirely a software issue with no hardware involved.

So, change this option back to the default settings, and see if the double-clicking issue of the mouse is resolved.

Change the speed for the mouse double clicking problem:

To resolve the mouse doubleclicking problem, another way to go about it is to change the mouse clicking speed over Windows. For the vast majority of people, the default double click threshold is reasonably manageable. But, it is likely that a user changes the threshold in error. Another possibility is that someone else may have changed the threshold for a user. At this level, Windows fails to recognize the user’s clicks properly.

For changing the double-click speed, navigate to Settings > Devices > Mouse, and then, click over the Additional mouse options that appear in the right sidebar.

But if the Additional mouse options do not appear, then horizontally drag the Settings window to add width.

Now, Additional mouse options will appear; click over it. Next, a new window for Mouse Properties Control Panel will appear. The Double-click speed option will appear over the Buttons tab.

A user can now move the slider in ways that are the best match for his usage requirements. For testing the double click speed, double click over the folder icon.

When the slider is placed close to Fast, Windows will allow less time between clicks to register a double click.

But, if the slider is reasonably close to Slow, then it may be possible that two slow clicks are being registered as a double click. 

Spend a little bit of time working over the slider, to help select the settings that work well for you.

It is, but, important to keep in mind that while one is using his menu, Turn on ChildLock box is not checked. When this option is checked, then one can drag the cursor without holding the mouse button. Strange behavior is expected in such cases or process of mouse doubleclicking.

Clean the mouse double clicking problem:

We have now ruled out the two options mentioned above, double-click settings and speed. But, if the issue is yet to be resolved, then Mouse hardware is the next point to be checked.

Look at the mouse closely, particularly, the top buttons where one clicks. If a grime buildup is detected, it should be cleaned. This prevents the grime from rendering any effects on the mouse’s functioning. 

The right way to clean this grime is to use tools such as cotton swabs and compressed air. When the mouse is clean, double-clicking issues should also be overcome.

Interference and battery levels:

When the communication between the computer and your mouse is poor, it may lead to issues such as a single click turning into a double click. The effect is typically attributed to two underlying reasons – interference and poor battery levels. These problems will appear in the case of wireless mice only.

In case your wireless mouse uses batteries, then replace them. It is difficult to predict the behavior of electronic devices when the battery levels are low. But, if it is a rechargeable mouse that you use, then recharge the mouse for a while and see if the double-clicking issue improves or is resolved.

In case it is not the batteries that are a cause of concern, then wireless communication between the computer and the mouse is likely to be the issue. In case the mouse is some distance away from your computer, then try to bring the wireless mouse closer. Similarly, if the mouse works over a USB receiver, then blocking wireless signals becomes important. This is done by ensuring that the mouse is placed away from metals or any other related materials, such as glass wool that could potentially cause interference.

Another Step:

Another step that should be tried is to unpair the mouse from any other computers that you generally use it with. When you connect the mouse with only a single machine at a time, it yields the best results.

In the case of wired mice, wireless interference is not a problem. But, some steps should be taken to boost the connection between your PC and the wired mouse.

In case you are using a hub or a USB extender to connect the mouse, then try connecting it directly to your PC over one of the USB ports. After checking the connectivity over one USB port, check it over all USB ports available. Typically, 3 USB ports will be available over a laptop or notebook. See if the double click issue improves or gets resolved when using any particular USB port. This is also one of the ways to figure out a dead USB port over a laptop.

Test another Mouse:

In case you have tried out all the steps mentioned above and the double-clicking issue is yet to be resolved, then it is likely that your mouse is faulty. There are two ways to verify this. Connect your mouse to another computer and check its double click performance. Now, connect a new mouse to your initial computer and check its double click performance. 

If the new mouse works well over your initial computer, and the initial mouse does not perform well over your new computer, it implies that the fault lies with the mouse, and you should change it.

But if the reverse happens, i.e, if the mouse is performing well over the new computer and the new mouse does not perform well over the initial computer or displays the double-clicking issue, then there is likely to be a software issue that is affecting your mouse’s performance.

In the latter case, a user needs to consider his installed software. This is done by navigating through Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Uninstall all installations that are unrecognizable, or that have anything to do with mouse control.

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Reinstalling Mouse drivers

This is the final step in troubleshooting the mouse doubleclicking problem, but it is worth trying. Remove the mouse drivers currently in use, and let Windows reinstall them. 

To do the same, press Win + X, or right-click over the Start button. Now select Device Manager.

Expand the category that says Mice and other pointing devices. Now, locate your mouse’s name and right-click over it. In case multiple devices are listed here, then uninstall them. Uninstall them all one at a time, while the cursor no longer moves with the mouse.

Now, it is important to get to the restart command without having to use the mouse. This is easy to achieve. 

Tap on the Windows key. Next, keep the Tab button pressed while the selection box does not focus on the left group of icons. 

Now use the arrow keys. Once you get down to the power icon, press Enter. Then, get to Restart, once again, by using arrows and the Enter key.

If all this is troublesome, then Win + R will open the Run dialog. Enter the command shutdown /r to restart your system. When Windows reboots, it will install your mouse drivers as well. The double click problem will now hopefully be resolved.


mouse doubleclicking problem will be resolved, hopefully, by following these steps. If the issue persists, the mouse’s functionality has issues. Opening the mouse to repair it may resolve the issue. But this may not be worth the time spent. But, if it is an expensive mouse that you use and the process does not bother you, then this is also worth a trial. This is likely to yield the desired outcomes. 

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