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Top Mobile Test Automation Tools for Efficient Testing

List of Top Mobile Test Automation Tools for Testing

Top Mobile Test Automation Tools

Everyone is aware that smartphones are deeply connected with over lives. Applications are the biggest attraction of smartphone users. In addition, there are faster upgrades of these existing applications. And new app releases higher with Top mobile test automation tools is one of the most essential challenges for most organizations. We do almost everything through smartphones with the help of many applications. This lifestyle trend equally increased demand for good quality iOS and Android apps.

Usually increasing the demand for applications and their faster releases causes some problems where some applications have a good user experience. And some don’t and it affect the quality of the apps. Mobile test automation is the necessary activity to overcome this problem. 

Indeed, Mobile automation testing is the challenging part of the Software Testing Life Cycle because each smartphone has a different configuration. 

There are different automation tools and frameworks are available to solve these problems. 


It is the most popular framework which supports multiple languages like java, python, javascript, etc. Using Selenium testing becomes easy and you will learn quickly, Selenium comes with Selenium IDE which is a Firefox Plugin that records user interactions with the browser and for mobile testing, we can use Bitbar API for iOS app testing and Android app testing. 


Appium also is the most reliable automation tool. It comes with automated scripts. You can configure a new project and run these scripts and tests in device groups. And there is no need for modifications required, this saves your hours and you can get test results earlier. For Mobile device testing you can select iOS or Android project configuration. Bitbar also comes in Appium you need to configure those Bitbars. Make sure everything is configured and ready on Bitbar Testing. There are some tests scripts are available in Bitbar which communicate with Appium Broker. Also that passes all the configuration details to the Appium server. After this activity server-side Appium does parallel testing with all selected devices and speeds up the process in a very less time period.

Appium server-

side execution is important also it becomes popular because it comes with cross platforms approach for Android automation testing and iOS automation testing. Appium also can run tests on both platforms at the same time. In this automation tool test runs are easy to monitor with the help of real-time views.


This is very popular because of its automated bug report feature where it automatically sends a notification to the user’s bug tracker when any bug appears or the app crashes.  The dashboard helps to identify and monitor that bug with the help of short video clips of user actions along with console logs. This also helps developers to get squash bugs information quickly so they can spend and concentrate to build quality mobile apps. 

additionally, Xamarian is one of the platforms that supports Bugsee and various Bugsee Plugins as well.

Top Mobile Test Automation Tools

Test Complete

You can run multiple UI tests on the mobile application platform and these tests are revisable. This tool allows hybrid mobile app testing it means it can test iOS and Android Mobile app testing at a single time. This comes with automation testing capabilities so you can use emulators easily and run tests repeatedly. As a result, You can choose available automation scripts over the tool but you can also select from python, VBscript, Javascript, and others.

Test IO

It tests mobile apps in a real environment and monitors implementations. It helps in seamlessly app working on all OS Platforms. These testing tools are cleverer than a human tester as it detects internal bugs in more detail. It has flexible testing measures which understand the client requirements and impose faster results. By this, we can remove the QA bottleneck from the testing environment. 


This tool is specially designed for blackbox testing on Android applications. This uses Javascript to prepare test scripts. This tool requires some additional requirements like Android SDK, Eclipse, Android Development kit, and JDK. 


This is Top mobile test automation tools & designed by Google and it is embedded with Android Studio. This is a most top most mobile automation tool, which work for all kind of Native Android Applications. This tool only creates Android UI tests to support and addition of functionalities and this is the limitation of this tool. It creates tests using Java and Kotlin and it has a simple API that you can modify easily. This will help and reduce writing detailed codes by recording embedded tests. 

Mobile Test Automation Tools for testing

Ranorex Studio

The Top mobile test automation tools are specifically used by beginners who are new to the coding world. This is a better solution for beginners to adapt and learn automation testing. You can implement IDE assistance for testing. It uses for iOS mobile app testing and along with Android web applications as well. It can integrate with other tools like TestRail, Jenkin, Travis, Jira, and others. 

Monkey Talk

 In this tool, IDE creates scripts for testing as you can playback and record test runs as these two features are already embedded within this tool. You get test instrumentation links with the app. It comes with java execution engines as these engines include the available scripts along with different syntax and keywords. This tool is supportive of Hybrid and web-based applications. 

Best Mobile Test Automation Tools for testing


These are some Best mobile test automation tools and are used by most testing professionals for better test results and increase quality measures in automation mobile testing. These are more reliable tools because it delivers effective automation test results. This is for both experts and beginners as they can use the available scripts and these scripts produce reliable results in less time period. It comes with little guidance so you are the master soon with the help of tutorials and execution aspects. In case of driving automation testing and you are seeking best results than these tools are best in industry and it improves application performance and user experiences. There is no need to spend hours in testing as automation tools made it easy and you can do it quickly. 

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