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Greetings on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti 2023

Greetings On The Occasion Of Hanuman Jayanti 2023

Hanuman Jayanti 2023
Hanuman Jayanti 2023

Lord Hanuman is the most loved God in Indian mythology. He was the closest friend and aide of Lord Ram and his role in the Ramayana was indispensable. Correspondingly, Hanuman Jayanti is one of the most celebrated festivals in India, and the celebrations take place with full vigor, color, and glory. We take this opportunity to wish all readers a very happy Hanuman Jayanti 2023. The festival of Hanuman Jayanti is also known as Hanuman Janmotsav and Lord Hanuman was born in the month of Chaitra in Shukla Paksha on Purnima Tithi. In 2023, Hanuman Jayanti falls on the 6th of April.

Some must-know facts regarding Lord Hanuman

As Lord Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva, he is also known as Rudravtar of Lord Shiva. Lord is also known by names such as Bajrang Bali, Sankat Mochan, Maruti Nandan, and Pawan Putra. In Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is the symbol of strength and power. At one time during the epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman carried an entire mountain on his shoulders and saved Lakshman. When Lord Hanuman was young, his mother, apsara Anjana used to call him Sundar.

Celebrations at Hanuman Jayanti 2023

Hanuman Jayanti is an auspicious occasion and on this date, people organize Sundar Kand Path and Akhand Ramayan Path. Bhandaras or food stalls are also organized for feeding the poor people. Similarly, at various temples, Kirtan and Bhajan are organized. On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, visitors flock to temples to seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings and offer prayers. While the temples are lit brightly with lights, Lord Hanuman is also decorated with attractive jewelry and clothing. Lord Hanuman is also the favorite God of all worshippers who are into martial arts and wrestling. They consider Lord Hanuman as their guru and for success in their trade; they seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is one of the Ashta Chiranjeevis, which means that he is immortal. He roams the earth to remove sorrows and negativity from the lives of his worshippers.

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