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"Laugh Out Loud with Panchayat: A Hilarious Indian Web Series"

Laugh Out Loud With Panchayat: A Hilarious Indian Web Series

Panchayat web series
Panchayat web series

It is 2023 now and watching a web series is fun. Web series nowadays created are many, but only a few scale the heights of popularity. This gives the creators a fair bit of guidelines regarding what meets the audience’s taste.

Laugh and Learn with Panchayat – A Must-Watch Web Series :

The Panchayat web series was first aired in 2020. It touches upon a range of topics that bother the Indian people so much, that they now induce amusement and humor.

Panchayat follows the story of Abhishek Tripathi, played by Jitender Kumar. Tripathi is a fresh engineering graduate who doesn’t find a job. Tripathi comes across the vacancy of Panchayat secretary at a rural location and goes for it, primarily due to the dearth of options available.

 A hilarious set of events follow in Tripathi’s life thereon; as the viewers begin to vibe with the web series. On the first day itself, Tripathi finds the Panchayat office closed with the keys missing. The doors need to be blown away from the frame.

2 kids are like a dessert, but more than two are like piles

Tripathi’s chemistry with Pradhan, played by Neena Gupta is what attracts the viewers to no end. In episode 4 of season 1, Tripathi needs to paint slogans for family planning. He comes with a slogan that implies that 2 kids are like a dessert, but more than two are like piles.

The slogan does not go down well with the villagers, many of whom have more than two kids. Tripathi is required to explain that the slogan is not a jibe at a father of 6 who resides in the village and suffers from piles.

The protagonist’s computer monitor is stolen

Panchayat touches down upon the difficulties faced by fresh graduates in the country who sometimes fail to find a job. Tripathi is often seen preparing to crack the CAT entrance exam from the office during working hours.

During episode 5 of season 1, Tripathi is found ruing insufficient nightlife in the village. He gets a beer for himself to enjoy at the Panchayat office. Feeling dizzy, he forgets to lock the office door at night.

His computer monitor is found stolen on the day that follows. Tripathi takes prompt police action but feels being perceived as the prime suspect.

Tripathi’s outburst convinces the Pradhan of his innocence, who arranges a party to cheer him up. All is well that ends well. The thief returns the monitor the next day, saying that he mistook it for a TV set.

Romantic twists in Panchayat web series

Panchayat’s episodes that follow explore the topic of Tripathi’s love interest. Panchayat is a fun web series to watch and is sure to amuse.

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