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Can I Watch Friends On Netflix?

Can I Watch Friends On Netflix?

Sitcoms have been vastly popular for over six decades now. They’ve been changing to cater to the taste of the audiences with the transforming times. Friends on Netflix is one of the hottest shows in the category and enjoys the maximum demand.

The 90s sitcoms were the last batch of sitcoms available to us before digital expansion becme a part of our lives in a huge way. This has made 90s sitcoms more memorable. Friends is sitcom that every teenager or adult who lived in the 90s must’ve watched. That’s how popular it was.

A few of the readers will be surprised to know that even in 2023, Friends sitcom is very popular. Friends: The Reunion movie was released sometime back and sent the sitcom’s popularity soaring high.

A person seeking to watch Friends on Netflix is the default development. But the bad news for viewers from the US and Canada is that Netflix hasn’t made Friends available for their viewership, even while it is available in some other countries. So, how to watch friends on Netflix? We address the question later in the article.

There is no end to the number of people who will want to watch all episodes from all seasons of Friends over Netflix. They are looking forward to the experience, irrespective whether or not they caught the episodes earlier. This article is dedicated to the viewers who reside in a nation where Netflix has not made Friends available for their viewership. The article tells us how to watch Friends on Netflix.

Why can’t I find Friends on Netflix?

Friends is a very popular sitcom. Such are the popularity levels that it is easy to assume that Friends is going to be available on your fridge. Understanding why Friends is not available on Netflix is a question that seeks philosophical intervention.

Netflix is the only entity that bears the entire weightage of the blame here. Netflix did not buy the right to show the series in your nation.

Now, Netflix is in no position to overrule the copyright and show the sitcom to you in your nation. This will invite a lawsuit wherein Netflix would lose a decent amount of money.

Can we catch Friends on Netflix anytime soon?

It is ironic that Friends, being an American show is still not on Netflix US. Will Friends be available on Netflix US anytime soon? We cannot say with surity because regarding its libraries, Netflix stays reasonably vague.

Keeping a track of movies and shows available on Netflix is not easy. Everyday, they change their catalog.

Each day, new movies and shows are uploaded on Netflix. Some older ones are removed to make room for the newer ones. No prior annoncement notifies the viewers of these developments.

If we shed light on Friends, yes, it is available on Netflix. But the geographical area where the show is available for viewership is relatively smaller.

But still, you can watch Friends on Netflix

There is a way available to watch Friends and many people have already figured it out. This is irrespective of where a viewer resides. The only prerequisites for the same are a Netflix subscription and a stable internet connection. All seasons and all episodes are going to be available for a viewer in this way.

How to watch Friends on Netflix?

Over the years, people have come to figure out that others living outside the US or Canada can watch Friends on Netflix. This information spread quickly via the means of the internet.

Certain nations from across the world do have access to Friends on Netflix. That’s because the content offered by Netflix varies by your location. People from different countries seek different experiences on Netflix.

A few of the best catalogs from across the world do not have Friends listed.

Users did come to realize that in the UK, Friends is available on Netflix. All 10 seasons have been made available with subtitles. So, when one is not fluent in English, one can still enjoy the show.

With Friends being available on Netflix UK, getting hold of the show simplified for the users. The right way to go about it is by using VPN, which is a Virtual Private Network. Top alternatives for the same are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

How do VPNs work?

By using a VPN, a user gets to change his or her IP address, irrespective of the device the person uses for watching Netflix or using the internet.

When a user changes the IP address by using a VPN, Netflix would believe that they are located in the country for which the IP address has been allocated.

This way, a user finds access to Netflix UK library where one will easily find Friends.

ExpressVPN and NordVPN, both have thousands of servers across the UK. Getting a British IP from them is easy.

So, irrespective of the part of the world you reside in, by using a VPN, you can watch Friends.

Signing up for Netflix to watch friends

1.      Connect your VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the options that deliver ultra fast speeds. So, after installing your VPN, you can connect to a server in the UK. Or, you can connect to any other country where Netflix library has Friends.

2.      Set up a Netflix account

After going to Netflix, type in your email address at the spot specified. You also have to create a password for your new account.

3.      Select your plan

Plans available at Netflix are Basic, Standard, and Premium. If you go for a Premium plan, you will experience that the video quality has improved. Multiple devices can simultaneous leverage the plan to watch movies and sitcoms on Netflix.

4.      Set up you payments

Over Netflix, payments can be made using your credit or debit cards, or PayPal. Alternately, you can use your gift card.

5.      Set your membership

We hope that this article brings more clarity on how to watch Friends on Netflix.

Watching Friends for free

In some countries, a free trial of Netflix is still available. If you reside in any such country, availing the free trial offer is recommendable.

But please note that using this free trial will let you watch Friends only on a temporary basis. After the free trial is over, you’d be paying $8.99 monthlyfor their Basic plan, getting access to Friends and numerous other shows.

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