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Know About :Steve Jobs Networth, Steve Jobs Education, Networth and Biography, steve jobs Quotes,apple product,Steve Jobs Education ,Steve Jobs Biography.

Know About :Steve Jobs Education, Networth and Biography

biography steve jobs

Many of the people know Steve Jobs Biography, Steve Jobs Education, Steve Jobs Networth, apple product. And he is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Apple Inc. And for most of the people, Steve Jobs Quotes is an inspiration though. Steve Paul jobs were Born on 24th February 1955 and were an entrepreneur, inventor, and industrial designer.

co-founder of apple

Know About: Steve Jobs Education, Networth and Biography

He was the Chairman, CEO and the co-founder of Apple Product  Inc. And also of Next and was also a member of the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company.And was also part of the Pixar.

Steve Jobs  Biography:

here you can learn about the unknown fact about steve jobs

He has brought a revolution in the world of micro-computers. Jobs always dream bigger in everything.

Steve Jobs Biography

Know About: Steve Jobs Education, Networth and Biography

Steve Jobs was one of the most inventive, innovative and energetic minds in American technology and even in the world. Apple Inc. was founded in the year 1976 with Steve Wozniak.

Education of Steve Jobs:

The Education of Steve Jobs He started her schooling at Homestead High School and where he met Steve Wozniak.

They gained wealth and fame within a year when the Apple 2 computer was launched. It was made out to be the first most successful personal computer. And also in 1984, Macintosh was launched, which was the first computer with a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Apple First Computer:

Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple. Inc in 1985. After that, he made a new computer company with some of the members of Apple, and the company was NeXT, which developed computer systems for higher education sectors and business corporations. With that, he helped in the development of the visual effects industry and the new company was Pixar, that produced the first computerized animated movie, with the partnership of Disney, Toy Story. And in the year 1997, Apple Inc.  gets united with NeXT.

Steve Jobs regained his former position in Apple Inc. as the CEO and saved Apple Inc., which was in a position of getting bankrupt.

Apple product :

With the promotional campaigning of ‘Think Different’, Jobs along with the designer of Apple, Jonathan Ive, in the year 1997.

Choosing the Right Apple Product

Know About: Steve Jobs Education, Networth and Biography

He worked on developing a range of Apple products, which are the iMac, iTunes, iTunes, Store, iPod, iPhone, App Store, Apple store and the iPad, Apple Watch. Apple Products are still considered to be the most liked and standardize gadgets in the world.and every one want get it.

Steve Jobs Networth:

In the 2011 Year time of his death, Steve Jobs Networth was estimated at $10.2 billion.

Steve Jobs was a person full of passion for his job. And loved his job. Steve Jobs once said- You have got to find what you love.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart. You will know when you find it. Jobs has been never passionate about the developing computer hardware.

Inspiring Quotes from Steve Jobs:

He was always passionate about innovating new tools and Inspiring Quotes from Steve Jobs “YOUR TIME IS LIMITED.DON’T WASTE IT LIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE “. that help in using the personal creativity of the smartest being on the planet, the humans.

Jobs passion and perfection for what he did, has brought a revolution in all the industries he has put his hands on like computer, phones, music, animation, tablets, and the digital publishing.


There are many of the inspirational words from Jobs, which motivated many of the peoples around the world, along with the youths. Jobs has achieved much fame and wealth in his lifetime and Steve Jobs is one of the most successful Inventor, Entrepreneur and Industrial Designer in the world.


On 24th October 2011, Steve Jobs delivered his resignation Letter and mentioned. I have said if there ever came a day. When I Could Not Able to fulfill my Duties and Expectations. As the CEO of Apple Inc. I would be the first person to let you know.

But jobs continued to be the chairman of Apple. When Tim Cook was the CEO, and until the day before his death on.

Cook is the Chief Executive Officer of Apple

Know About: Steve Jobs Education, Networth and Biography

The dedication and love for his job. And   Know About: Steve Jobs Education, Networth and Biography were what made Steve Jobs. He is also one of the most successful, Inspirational, and Famous Personalities in the world.

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