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Jio 4G Phone Booking : Open Easy Steps to Book Your Phone

Jio 4G Phone Booking : Open Easy Steps to Book Your Phone

free jio 4g phone booking

Reliance Jio India Ka Smartphone will distribute its 4G Jio handsets at very attractive prices. People can buy new Jio 4g smart phones, which have the awesome attractive packages for customers. From 24th August, Myjio App site will start allowing customers to pre-book these handsets. Today Free Jio 4g Phone Booking Starts for all its users. It is a free registration process and people have to complete necessary transaction formalities to buy glossy 4g smart phones. Now Jio Users have one question that How To Book Your Free Jio 4G Phone but here we will give you a complete guide to the book Jio free phone.

Free Jio 4g Phone Booking:

In the meanwhile, Myjio App website welcomes people to conduct instant registration free for Free Jio 4g Phone Booking. A subscriber who opens his account to purchase the cost effective new handset at Myjio App storefront enjoy a number of benefits in this connection. This product of Reliance will help the company to strengthen up the bond of friendship with customers. To mark Independence Day unforgettable Reliance is giving a special freebie to enter into a new era of digital technology.

How To Book Your Free Jio 4G Phone

Visit MyJio App Portal to Do Jio Phone Booking Free

In the event of purchasing multiple phones, customers must opt for the Free Jio 4g Phone Booking online/offline to hand-pick superb handsets for various purposes. However, in that case, they need to mention their business firms in the specific bar code form online. Regularly, check current updates on the dashboard of MyJio site before buying the specific phones. After the declaration of the release of innovated Jio 4g models Depositing Refundable Rs.1500/.

People are happy to the beginning of the phone distribution through the fast virtual platform of Jio.

In comparison to 3g phones, Jio 4g devices have bundles of Eye-Catching Features. Customers have already opened sites to post their comments about this great product promotion offer. Later, Reliance will extend the deadline to enable remote customers to catch such nice handsets with a 4G Home Screen to do fun activities.

Grip-Safe Smart 4G Jio Phone Available for You

The large screen of Jio smart phone has dynamic battery life. In addition, you will get unlimited data transfer, photos upload, the content storing and free voice message as well. Besides, Jio Online Television streaming network must entice youngsters to connect their smart i-devices with any television set to Watch Movies. Here, there is also a magnificent free Jio application toolkits access for a span of 28 days at a long stretch. So, customers will have sufficient time to bookmark best tech mobile apps tools to support the installation.

At a press release, AGM, Ambani of Reliance has Announced more offers with the Jio package to promote business. Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan monthly phone recharge Package for Rs 153 must facilitate Jio fans to have fun in sending. And sharing text message including voice calls, overnight chatting, Movie Download and movie streaming online. However, to have a private television network, the Monthly Rental Charge is Rs. jio 4g phone booking


Features Jio Smart Phone

It is a 0% catches to people who will get back 4G VOLTE supported handsets by making first Down Payment of 1500 INR. Which is also subject to Reimbursement After a Gap of 3 Years. So ultimately, customers don’t have to spend a single dime to collect classic Jio handsets. In an official brief-up, Ambani also clarified that Jio customers will have a new world to explore by hitting social media portals such as Facebook.

While talking to media associates, the CEO of Reliance stated that this feature rich ergonomic handset has tons of world class tech features. Which includes a feather touch keypad plus transparent 2.4-Inch Size Display QVGA Screen, FM radio stations, automatic torchlight, and Micro SD card. Together with Jio handset, there must be attractive software/Jio apps tool for digital money transfer, online music, and Game Playing. Right now, customers will be able to use single SIM card initially to operate the phone on advanced 4g VOLTE network.

free jio 4g phone booking

How To Book Your Free Jio Phone

As a result of sudden allotment of Free Jio 4g Phone Booking with 4g VOLTE interface, people express their gratitude towards Mr. Ambani. After completing free sign-up, customers have to be meticulous to do the form fill-up. Initially, they Required Aadhaar Code number to process the registration. Apart from it, they must type their names, street address, and a number of handsets to buy and contact information.

How To Book Your Free Jio Phone here you find details-

  • Jio handsets are available on “Fast Come Fast Serve” basis
  • The online Booking Starts from 24th August
  • Phone distribution will take place in September
  • Two options for Jio Phone Pre-Booking-via Online Application and offline Jio storefront


In conclusion, as a part of launching country wide product promotional campaign, Ambani’s Reliance has planned to gift multifunctional touch screen Free Jio 4g Phone Booking. In more than 20 regional dialects, you can talk to friends. It is the best handset with splendid décor and less complicated OS to do the teleshopping, video watching, free mobile app software management and top data security.


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