Sonam Khan Actress of “Tridev” Movie Come Back into Bollywood

Sonam Khan Actress of “Tridev” Movie

There are many actresses in the Bollywood film industry who left the industry at their peak point because of their marriage or for some other reason. One of those actresses was Tridev fame actress who won the hearts of all the people with the song ‘Oye Oye Nazar Ne Kiya Hai Ishara’ from the film. Let us tell you this actress is none other than Sonam Khan. Sonam had become one of the most beautiful and famous actresses of that time. But something happened to him and he had to end his career at the peak point of his career. Sonam Khan Actress of  Tridev hindi movie at the age of 17, said goodbye to the industry, after a long time she is going to make a comeback once again.

Sonam’s name linked with the underworld don

Sonam Khan Actress of “Tridev” Hindi Movie started setting her foot in the film industry only at 14. She became very popular due to her bold scenes and her hotness. Let me tell you that when she became very famous because of one of her songs in the film Tridev. Even then her heart fell on the filmmaker. Let me tell you, Sonam married the film’s maker Rajeev Roy at the age of just 17. But they did not stay with each other for long and both of them got divorced from each other. Underworld don Abu Salem is said to be the reason for their separation because Sonam’s name started being associated with Abu Salem a lot at that time. Due to this Sonam’s career was severely affected.

Sonam is making a comeback in the industry after 30 years.

Sonam ended her career at a very young age by marrying the producer of the film. Along with that she also left India. But when both decided to separate, Sonam had also made up her mind that she would return to the industry once again to establish her footing. Although she could not come to India due to some reason at that time, now she is in India, due to which she gave an interview that she will try for films soon and she also wants to work on the OTT platform as well. However, now only time will tell whether his charm will affect the people’s hearts this time like that time. But Sonam Khan Actress of “Tridev” Hindi Movie fans want to see her on the big screen again.

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