Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications Price and Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications

The spectacular feature everyone is interested in is the camera. In this era of selfies, everyone wants a smartphone with which they could take their awesome selfies. Along with so many unique exciting filters. It is expected that the launch of this spectacular Galaxy S9 Specifications MWC event is in the first quarter of 2018. Moreover, Samsung has focused very carefully on the design concept. And other features for Galaxy S9. Let’s discuss on Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Similarly, the camera’s fast focus and shooting speed are ideal for capturing a key moment. It is expected that the Galaxy S9 will hit the market with a superior picture quality donor camera featuring 16MP. Dual-lens back camcorder and 8MP front camera with a powerful bonus of Optical Stabilization. The upcoming S9 phone is quite talented to dominate the market.

Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

We are wondering for a long time if the cut-outs used in large technology companies on their phone. As designs are what buyers demand or rather rely on trends driven in the industry itself. A very clear case in this sense is the reluctance of some companies to incorporate cameras with a somewhat larger image sensor. And improve the quality of photos, even if the phone’s slightly flat design breaks slightly.

Do most of those who buy a phone really want that or is it that the industry has become stubborn? A smart display technology Samsung has ever brought to the world is AMOLED screen. According to the Korean publications additionally, Galaxy S9 is beautifully fabricated with an edge-to-edge display having AMOLED 4K screen fully protected in water. Dust and high temperature with a glass covering of Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications

Placing the fingerprint reader next to the camera in S8 is not a good idea. Although, the design is extremely attractive. The volume buttons are next to the one that the S8 wizard opens. Which causes you to miss out if you use them to shoot the camera. Something is difficult in other models of the competition. So Samsung seems to have done a good job as far as building materials are concerned. But, yes, it is highly recommended to use a good protective case with this Galaxy. Although it compromises its design, it will avoid scars. No need to concern about these button-based issues as for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. As designers allotted a different location for the Fingerprint Scanner.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price In India UK

Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy S9 Price is about 1012 USD and it is a very different phone. When it comes to software and Hardware (Qualcomm 845 SoC processor, Exynos 9810 processor, and Adreno GPU). Those who want to have great control over their terminal, or perform functions like using it replacing the PC with Dex, can delight with the S9. Those who seek simplicity and ease of use above all will probably opt for something else. Storage of 6/8GB is really awesome and it’s a brilliant phone to purchase.

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