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Best Ways to Check Tennis Racquet And Its Uses

Best Ways to Check Tennis Racquet And Its Uses

how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate

During a match, a tennis player’s only best friend is his racquet. Just like it is said; we should choose our friends carefully, it is quite the same in case of selecting a racquet for your game. When people how to buy a racquet, for beginners, they usually rely upon the suggestions made by their coach and prefer to play with that racquet. You may not have any idea as to which racquet is suitable for you at tennis information, and you may simply be dependent on a review you read. The variety of racquets available in the market adds to this confusion how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate the right racquet becomes quite challenging.

how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate

Best Ways to Check Tennis Racquet And Its Uses

Features To Look For

To make this process a lot easier for the customers, tennisinformation there are certain features to be taken into consideration:

  • Size Of Head: The size of the head of a racquet determines the power; a larger head will imply more power in comparison to a smaller head, the remaining other features being the same. A smaller head provides more control than a larger head.
  • Weight: The weight of a racquet is an important feature that differentiates one racquet from another. A heavy racquet gives more stability, power and shock absorption. A lighter racquet gives a faster swing.
  • String Pattern: The string pattern has a significant impact on the performance and feel of the racquet. There are two types of string pattern, i.e., open and close. An open pattern provides a greater ball rebound and spin potential than a closed string pattern.
  • Frame Stiffness: Frame stiffness doesn’t only affect power but also influences the comfort and control of the racquet. A stiffer racquet keeps the energy intact, while a flexible frame bends more, which results in energy loss.
  • Grip Or Handle: This feature is directly related to factors such comfort and shock absorption.
how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate

Best Ways to Check Tennis Racquet And Its Uses

Factors To Consider

Various other factors can help you to how to select the right tennis racquet. Firstly, you should match your ability level to the racket; there are different racquets designed to serve different purposes. Beginners must use a basic racquet with a larger head. Intermediate players should use lightweight racquets, which provides a faster swing. Advance level players can use high tech racquet that provides superior power. Secondly, judge your racquet according to your swing type, if you hit the ball aggressively, you should buy a control racquet, but if you are a finesse player, you should use a power racquet.


The checkpoints that should be kept in mind before the selection of the racquet are:

  1. Need to check how much tension it can hold.
  2. Also, check if the racquet is suitable for the power hitter or topspin players, which is the main point while tennis racquet selector part.
  3. Check how the weight is distributed in the front and the back.
  4. Check if the heads are covered with a thin protective layer or not (for protection against shock and vibration).
how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate

Best Ways to Check Tennis Racquet And Its Uses

With all the adequate guidance and suggestions to find the perfect tennis racquet, Gear up and be match ready with your best friend, your racquet and ace your game. I make sure here you got the answer to your question how to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate, with an appropriate tip I described in this article.

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