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Bad Timing Belt Symptoms – Time to Change Your Timing Belt

Bad Timing Belt Symptoms – Time to Change Your Timing Belt

what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt

Mileage of your vehicle is the best sign to tell you to need to change your old timing belt into a new timing belt. But sometimes we don’t pay our attention to think about that there is a problem. There is a warning when your car or other vehicle does not work right and make noise when you start it or not run fast and perfectly. A broken timing belt would become the cause of failure of your engine. Here we are discussing what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt in your vehicle.

what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt

Bad Timing Belt Symptoms – Time to Change Your Timing Belt

What is a timing belt?

The timing belt is a part of the engine in any vehicle and made of rubber. It works to keep vehicle’s camshaft and crankshaft synchronically that always make your vehicle’s valve timing perfect. Correct valve timing is very important for the running of your engine. But if you have problems in your timing belt, you would face many troubles such as your engine would not work in right way or run smoothly, even you cannot start your vehicle. You have to need to change it at timing belt replacement intervals.

A common sign of the failure of your timing belt

To identify the signs of bad timing belt at a time may save your money and protect you from a big loss. The common sign of the failure of the timing belt that warns you to need to replace the timing belt, are included: ticking sound, engine’s issue. And misfire, performance problems, overheating, leakage of the oil, an engine will not turn over and vehicles stop working.

An engine creates a noise

Engine’s work is to connect the rods which have a link to pistons that is powered by the crankshaft. While camshaft controls the cylinder that gives fuel into the combustion chamber and removes the smoke in the exhaust manifold. The timing belt is attached to the both. When it is going to out, it produces a sound inside in the motor when you start it and also your timing belt noises in the motor. This happening is, maybe the sign of low oil pressure or warning about engine have not the full quantity of lubrication.

You should take exams of engine included timing belt or need to contact a mechanic.

what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt

Bad Timing Belt Symptoms – Time to Change Your Timing Belt

An engine has issues at 2000-4000 RPM

Since timing belt contains rubber or consisting of rubber teeth that have a grip on gears in the crankshaft. When your vehicle or car perform wrongly or have strange behavior at the average of 2000-4000. It’s the sign of something is going wrong to the timing belt. Maybe it has lost its grip or breaking down. On this condition, you should contact mechanic as soon as possible because it can make the cause of more engine’s component damages.

Misfire issues

Another issue is Engine’s misfire, may be the result of slipping of the timing belt. Normally, smoke comes from the exhaust. If you see the black smoke is coming out from the exhaust pipe that is also the sign of bad timing belt or failing timing belt. In this condition, your timing belt is completely failed and your car will not run. Because timing belt is attached to the engine’s camshaft and crankshaft that provide fuel and connect the rods. When it damaged, you can just be able to start the car but the car can stop working and not run or turn over.

what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt

Bad Timing Belt Symptoms – Time to Change Your Timing Belt


The nuts and bolts secure the timing belt cover when they come to lose. It will make the cause of engine motor oil leakage from the cover that is another issue. How do we know about the leakage of engine motor oil? Very simple, when your car engine will make overheating, this is the result of leaking the motor oil from the cover.

So we make sure here that you have taken knowledge of what are the symptoms of a bad timing belt, so from next time you won’t have any issue. You should be aware of your timing belt. If it has any problem, contact the mechanic as soon as possible. Because sometimes these issues create the big problems and you faced a big loss.

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