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Defend Yourself: 5 Self-Defense Techniques Women Should Know!

Defend Yourself: 5 Self-Defense Techniques Women Should Know!

5 Self-Defense Techniques

The best self-defense strategies work best for both men and women!

Let’s face it! If you are a girl, you have probably had experienced nervousness and scary feeling of walking alone. There can be even a chance of someone following you, or perhaps you get attacked by someone in the dark corner, so women should know 5 Self-Defense Techniques.

According to the statistics, over 51.9% of women experience some type of violence in her lifetime, with many of them reported as verbal or sexual harassments. Having the delusion that you are safe or it’s something that News publishers print to add spice is the only kind of negligence predators depend on.

5 Self-Defense Techniques

Defend Yourself: 5 Self-Defense Techniques Women Should Know!

*Remember: The more aware you are, the better you are prepared and the better you can fight back.

Well, the right perception of dealing with evil people is empowering yourself and learning simple yet effective self-defense moves. This will not only make you strong but will also boost your confidence.

Also, if you will have the sense of what you can do in the attacked event or you believe you can help yourself, no one can harm you.

Here are five self-defense techniques for women that will foster your confidence and help you shot your best to the attacker:

Straight Punch:

If someone hits you from your face or his/her hands are on you, hit a straight punch. Doing this will hit the person from the front. To do this, simultaneously push the ball of your foot, the thrust of your hip and fast forward.  This will push the opponent back and will increase your strength.

5 Self-Defense Techniques

Defend Yourself: 5 Self-Defense Techniques Women Should Know!


Make sure that your elbow won’t flip up and your contact area should be pointed. Next, aim for the areas that are most vulnerable like eyes, nose, and throat and hit! Take a cue from self-defense classes like self-defense classes in Perth to master the technique.

Knee Kick:

If the opponent comes close to your body, hit a straight punch and throw a knee kick.  Don’t let the attacker enter your personal space, if this happens, powerfully drive your knee up and hit the groin of the opponent.

Also, make sure only to use the bony tip of the knee instead of the thigh to have more effect. If you can, try to grab the opponent between the person’s shoulder and neck, and then hit with the knee. Grasp as much as skin, clothes, hairs as possible with a strong grip; this will also help you kick hard to the attacker. for learning that you must search for self-defence training.

Front Kick:

Kicks can be saviors, especially when they are hit to the most vulnerable and sensitive spots. To deliver a strong kick, drive your hips forward with your knee bent and your heel backward. Now extending your knee and leg with force, build a contract with the opponent’s groin area with your foot.

5 Self-Defense Techniques

Defend Yourself: 5 Self-Defense Techniques Women Should Know!

Hit the opponent with a face like you are going to split the person into two from the groin. Once you have a hit, recoil your leg back to the position giving few minutes to let the opponent get away. Once he’s at a distance, hit more blows and punches to eyes, ears, and throat as well. For learning this technique you need not take self-defense classes as they are very easy in nature.

Bear Hug Defiance:

Attacker mostly grabs the victim from behind by locking them in their arms and making a bear hug around the body. To counter this attack, you should first grab the victim from his elbows to unlock yourself. Now drop the attacker as low as you can, perhaps to the ground or to the squirm to wiggle out the attacker’s hold from you.

Don’t let the opponent, grab you, and be as difficult as to control. Bringing the attacker to the ground will make you more stable and harder to grasp. This will help you hold him from knee offering his knee-strike, groin-kick or can throw a punch to your attacker sensitive areas.

Choke Defense:

If the attacker’s move makes you choke, move your hands toward your neck and try to escape from it. Don’t pull the attacker’s hand off your neck also; this will not help you, instead, use your hands like a hook to pluck back the person’s thumbs away.

This will make it harder for the attacker to maintain the choke offering you enough time to strike back. Do this as swiftly as possible because choking will make you short of breath in no time.

These are the best self-defense techniques. While these moves are simple, 5 Self-Defense Techniques are really helpful and can protect you from dreaded situations.


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